January Dose of font 2011 from neil hart on Vimeo.
Well folks, there back, First dose of 2011, hope you enjoy. Its short and kind of thrown together but I decided just a couple of days ago to start making them again.........


Autochtone 6c+ (7a)

Danger Majeur assis 7a

Katioushka gauche 7a+

Nouvelle Vague 7c

Eclipse 7c

Climbers, neil hart and James Pearson


Futurecop! - Dreams

Kenna - Love-Hate Sensation

Feb Dose of Font 2011 from neil hart on Vimeo.
Its Feb. Time for another dose of the forest, the month is short, I was away in pedriza bouldering, But also I took a bad fall off Fluide Magnetique and twisted my ankle which put me out for over week, thanks to Chris for stepping up to the mark and climbing it for me.


Neil Hart, Christopher Schulte, Daniel Olausson


Hey Sexy lady - Shrillex

New Sacred Cow - Kenna

March Dose of Font 2011 from neil hart on Vimeo.
March Dose is here, I have been very ill this month with glandular fever, so there nearly was no dose, but a miraculous recovery and amazing conditions meant we could get out and climb some amazing problems, With Easter on its way, most of you guys will head for the busy crags of the Franchard and such like, So my video this month, you have a bunch of routes in isatis from 6c to 7c

And for those who want to escape the crowds you have a load of absolute classics in areas you would never dream of going, trust me all the routes are well worth the visit


Climbers: Neil Hart @ Daniel Olausson

Music: The Wind Blows [The All-American Rejects]Shrillex Remix

With Your Friends [Long Drive] Shrillex Remix

April Dose of Font 2011 from neil hart on Vimeo.
Time for another dose of font, April has been kind, with nice summer lie days, but also a lot of humidity, but out early enough in the morning is fine, Its also time to say goodbye to Daniel for another year, but mike has just arrived so maybe a few project jumps will go down in the next months dose.

Also got to say a big thanks to the blind men who made the intro, it was so funny watching them for hours on end and they didn’t even know that we filmed them :)

Routes are:

Montée Divine 6c+ (7a)

magma 7a

Bombe X 7b

Dix sur Dix 7b

when pigs fly 7a

L'Étrave 7b+

Multipass 7b

Barricades 7a

Le Jardin d'Ulysse 7b+

palpitations 7c

De Fil en Aiguille 6c (6c+)

Dévers et des Pas Durs debout 7a

Super Bouffon assis 7c (7b+)


Neil Hart

Daniel Olausson

Mike (the bear) mullins

gege moffat


The Script / dead man walking

The Naked and the Famous / Girls like you


May Dose of Font 2011 from neil hart on Vimeo.
Its dose time again, this month went really quick, with lots of climbing, The weather has been so hot as well, no rain, so lots of really early starts to make the most out of the heat, Its pretty hard trying to warm up on 7a's at 7 in the morning. The things we do just to climb a small piece of rock :)


Neil Hart & Mike Mullins

The script-you wont feel a thing
The Naked and Famous-Punching a dream

Routes in order:
Le Toit 7a+
Les Nombrilistes 7a+
Outil de Coupe 7a
Gargantoit assis 7b+ (7c) middle version
Le Danseur 7b
Coup de Torchon assis 7a+
Chicorée 7a
Belle Gueule 7a
Voilà la Chenille 7a (6c+)
La Poussière qui Tue 6c+ (7a)

June Dose of Font 2011 from neil hart on Vimeo.

Well what a month this has been, the weather has been hot and humid, sorry about the short video, but I have sold all my cameras and invested in a new dslr :) so I only had a couple of days worth of footage. The routes are good mind...

Sorry Daniel about the snake footage :)


Filling Up The City Skie - Who loves me

Routes in order:

Le Bout du Monde 7a
yoguignol 7b
Le Lepreux direct 7a
Le Chainon Manquant 7b
Mucho Bueno assis 7a
La Barre Fixe 7b+
Les Copains d'Abord direct 7a+

July Dose of Font 2011 from neil hart on Vimeo.

A hot very humid month in the forest, Its Harvest time in the forest and it’s also been alive with so many ticks and snakes. But the climbing has been great fun. Be careful out there, check yourself every night for ticks, and be very careful were you sit to eat lunch, apremont has seen lots of vipers this year, especially around science friction area, and they are aggressive...

Sorry About some of the footage, I finally got round to buying a DSLR but I really don’t know how to use it, so any tips would be great, Most of the footage I hade to doctor with magic bullet to make it watchable, Hopefully over the next few months the footage will get better as I learn to use the camera better
Neil Hart
Andy Valentine
Mark (the visiting american)

Elle Lefan - Runaways
Elle Lefan - Ballad of the Metronome

Routes in order:
Delice choc 7a
Yoyage a cythere assis 7b
Water Roof 7b
Respect d'intention 7a+
Little Karma assis 7a+
Vin Rouge 7a+
Beatle Juice 7a+
L'Homme a la Dent Creuse 7b
Kangaroo City 7b+

August Dose of Font 2011 from neil hart on Vimeo.

August, the summer, hot sunny and humid, despite this there is still some very good climbing to be had, A short month this month due to the vacations and lots of friends being around.

Its all about getting out early, for our send of symbiose which is very sloppy, we were there at 9am which is not that early but early enough before the sun hits the rocks.

Still playing with the new camera, so some of the footage aint great, but I am learning


Neil Hart
Andy valentine
Mark Bryant

Tntation assis 7b
Retour aux soures 7a
onde de choc 7b
Le 13eme travail d'hurcule 7a+
Indestructible 7a+
Le P'tit herisson 7a
Hibernatus 7b
Baloo 7b
Symbiose 7c

Flobots-The Rhythm Method

September Dose of Font 2011 from neil hart on Vimeo.

Well its that time of the month already, September has been so hot this year, with temps into the 30's most days, and also most days have been really humid, making climbing in the forest difficult, unless you can get out early, :)

This month I have been exploring the forest, cleaning and trying new boulders with friends, footage soon (promise) I have also started the siege on a couple of projects, but for now enjoy some really good 7's

There is one of the new routes in this month’s video, gege's super heavy, amazing wall in the conquibus, just the right height for a boulder, little crimps, but nice ones that don’t cut, a must for people to go do, 4 stars for sure.

I have also had a friend, Haroun, the master of camera work, giving me a few a tips on how to use my camera better, so I think my footage has improved a lot since last month.

Jet Stream 7a
Snoopy 7a
SR 71 6c+
Sein de Glace 7a
Dynosaure 6c
Jour de Reve 7a
La Porte de temps 7a+
Super Heavy 7a/b Geralds new route :)
Le Dernier des Geants 7a (8 meter slab)

Cat Empire - side to side
The Jezabels - A Little Piece

October Dose of Font 2011 from neil hart on Vimeo.

October has been a busy month in the forest, we have been busy cleaning lots of new routes, video will be next month aprt form iball, geralds new route, the camera does not do it justice, its tall its scary, shame it did not turn out to be a little harder

Mister dynamite was a real pain for us, we spent hours on it, a small 7b dyno, 3 of the best jumpers in the forest got spanked good and proper on this, but success finally.

iball 7a
atmosphere 7a
la baleine 7a/7a+
Au bord des levres 7a+
rein dans le ventre 7a+
ras les paquerettes 7b
bizarre, bizarre assis 7a+
mister dynamite 7b

cat empire - falling
flight facilities - crave you

November dose of font 2011 from neil hart on Vimeo.

November Dose for you all to enjoy, this month there has a been lots of discussions on the forums about ethics in bleau, and the way chalk and pads have been misused, my videos taking the brunt of it all. I tried not to get involved but personal attacks made it hard not to.

Basically it boils down to some simple facts, people putting tick marks all over the blocs and not cleaning them off after climbing, also stacking pads to start routes.
So please respect the forest, and leave it the way you found it, if you see tick marks on boulders please try and clean then off.

Bouldering is becoming very popular and the forest has seen more climbers than ever this year and it is only going to get worse. We need to enjoy the forest and preserve it for future generation so please read this and enjoy the forest.

• Clean off your tick marks
• Don’t misuse chalk
• Take your litter home
• Dig a hole for the toilet
• Don’t chip the rocks
• Respect others around you
• But most of all, respect the forest

So that said, back to the climbing, the conditions have been great in the forest this month, but I have not, 2 weeks off with man flu :) but some great climbs none the less, I think its going to be a good winter.

The climbs:

• Kendo 7c - Mont Pivot
• Le Toit du ninja blanc 7a - JA Martin
• La Mouche 7a - Beauvais
• Nature 7c+ - Cuvier
• Le Chavaliers du Chaos 7c - Bouligny
• Sur Le fil 7a/6c+ - JA Martin
• Panoramix 7a+ - Cuvier
• Musclor 7a - Buthiers
• Fantasia 6c+/7a - Buthiers


• The Wombats – Tokyo
• Cat Empire - Shoulders

December dose of Font 2011 from neil hart on Vimeo.

The final dose of the year, and what a year, nice and dry for most of it, Lots of great climbing days with great friends. Happy new year to you all, Lets hope that 2012 will be just as good.

This month with the holidays has been all about seing friends and family, not to much climbing, but we have managed to get out and clean a lot of new rock, some of which you will see in this video,

Once again happy new year.

Keith (unclesomebody)

Route info:
Evolution 7a Cuvier Ouest
FA 7b/7b+ Buthiers tennis (GC,TF,FX)
FA 7a Buthiers canard (GC,TF,NH)
Les Monos 7a Buthiers Tennis
FA 7a+ (GC,TF,NH) Buthiers Canard
Le Toit du Gollum 6c/7a Cuvier Ouest
La Mue Fine 6c/7a Cuvier Ouest
Big Crotte 7a Cuvier
La Joker 7a Cuvier
Concept 6c+ Apremont

Washington - Sunday Best
Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn
Illy - It Can Wait

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