■BD athlete Paul Robinson climbing Dreamtime (8B+) and Ninja Skills (8B+)

BD athlete Paul Robinson climbing Dreamtime (8B+) and Ninja Skills (8B+) from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Black Diamond athlete Paul Robinson has spent the late fall of 2010 bouldering on the granite blocks of Switzerland, managing to nab a series of impressive ascents including two 8Cs (Big Paw and Ill Trill), as well as two well-known 8B+'s: the famed Dreamtime and the second ascent of fellow BD athlete Nalle Hukkataival's Ninja Skills. Below is a video Robinson edited together of these two 8B+ problems, as well as others at the higher end of the grading scale. Nice work, Paul!

ESPIADIMONIS from gerard montero on Vimeo.

Espiadimonis, 8c (Margalef)
Some shots for Helena's blog www.helenaclimber.blogspot.com/
Stuff from the documentary "Encordades" (2011)
dir/rea Gerard Montero dop Pau Savall ex.Prod Carlos Bria prod. Aniol Pallàs screenw Anna Justo sound Ferran García editor Ruth Gascón cameras Pau Savall/Gerard Montero/Jordi Canyigueral prod. assist Albert Mena sound assist. Lluís Maymó Thanks to ALKIMIA, www.fixeclimbing.com, www.aclam.cat
Shoot with Sony PMWEX3 XDCAM and Canon EOS 5D Mark II

MIGUEL from gerard montero on Vimeo.

A work by Pau Savall, Ruth Gascón and Gerard Montero
Thanks to Isabel Notivoli, Joan Cerdà and Nacho Olmedo
Main text extracted from "Diario Ideal" editorial.
Shoot with Sony PMWEX3 XDCAM and Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Brooklyn Boulders

■Brooklyn Boulders: Urban Rock Climbing
Beautiful footage!!

■Bishop Bouldering

Bishop Bouldering from Colin Delehanty on Vimeo.

A weekend climbing trip to Bishop, California.
Locations: The Pit, Buttermilks, Happys, Sads and Druid Stones.

Mark McGuire - Brain Storm (for Erin)

■Dark Horse Comp HIGHLIGHTS - December 2010

Dark Horse Comp HIGHLIGHTS - December 2010 from Eastern Climber on Vimeo.

MetroRock Climbing Gym's Bouldering Series!

Highlights from the Dark Horse Bouldering Competition on December 4, 2010.

Music: Bassnectar - Timestretch (West Coast LoFi Remix)

Visit EasternClimber.com for the latest!


University Bouldering

■University Bouldering

University Bouldering from Fonta on Vimeo.

That's what happens to some poor physics students when they study too much.

Music: Large Hadron Collider Rap

Devil's Lake Bouldering from ClimbingNarc.com on Vimeo.

Checking out a few more moderate classics at Devil's Lake. First on the sandstone of the "Greatest Bluff" followed by a few trailside boulders just north of Monolith Rocks

■Randy Hill: XAVIER'S ROOF

Randy Hill: XAVIER'S ROOF from Louder Than 11 on Vimeo.

Randy Hill crushes Xavier's Roof V11 at Dale's Camp in Bishop CA 2nd go after an epic hour and a half long defrosting session on the iced up finishing hueco....DEDICATION!!

■bleau novembre 2010

bleau novembre 2010 from Nicolas Mathieu on Vimeo.

weekend de patate a fontainebleau avec raphael fernandez et nicolas mathieu
==> la balaine 7a+/ le mur du son 7c/ tigre et dragon 8a/ le jeu t'es fou7c

thanks to fiveten/nihil/petzl/seeonee

■Orange Crush Trailer

Orange Crush Trailer from Savage Climbing on Vimeo.

Orange Crush, a film by Alex Savage, features over 30 minutes of HD sports action in one of the greatest bouldering areas in the world, Rocklands South Africa. It showcases Jesse Bonin, Les Warnock, Kenyon Smith, Ian Cotter-Brown, Matthieu Saulnier, and Alex Savage climbing 22 boulder problems from 6B to 8B! The film features music from Wax Tailor, Aether, Sibot, Dane Moss and more! The song in the trailer is Fire Face by Dane Moss.

Orange Crush will be released by the end of the month and will only be available for download on http://savageclimbing.com! For a complete list of featured boulder problems, head over to Savage Climbing!

THANKS to http://organicclimbing.com for making the BEST crash pads!!



■Sanuk Exclusive: Daniel Woods Conquers "Hypnotized Minds, 8C"

Sanuk Exclusive: Daniel Woods Conquers "Hypnotized Minds, 8C" from Sanuk on Vimeo.

Sanuk's newest climber, Daniel Woods, displaying his freakish ability to climb features labeled IMPOSSIBLE... Welcome to the team!

Blog: http://www.Sanukblog.com

■Adam Ondra on 8. KFG (3.12.2010)

Adam Ondra on 8. KFG (3.12.2010) from butcher - climb.pl on Vimeo.

Short Adam Ondra interview during the biggest Polish Mountain Festival in Cracow on 3.12.2010


■First Ascents in South Korea

First Ascents in South Korea from Jesse Bonin on Vimeo.

A lot of development is happening in Busan, South Korea and its surrounding areas. Most of this has been at the hands of a core group of die hard locals that are psyched. I was lucky enough to get the grand tour from these guys at some of their best and newest areas. Here are some really cool FA's that got done recently. Special thanks to Christoph, Young, Matt, Andy, Brenna, and the whole crew for leading the way. I forgot to put in the music credits. The band is Free the Robots. Hope you like this one.

■Um Mundo Perfeito

Um Mundo Perfeito from NorteBouldering on Vimeo.

■BD athlete Alex Honnold onsights two 5.13 cracks in the Utah desert

BD athlete Alex Honnold onsights two 5.13 cracks in the Utah desert from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Black Diamond athlete Alex Honnold has skills—serious, bone-crusher rock climbing skills. Case in point: check out this video of Honnold onsighting two of the hardest 5.13 crack climbs in the Utah desert: Trail of Tears and No Way Jose. Lacking a second ascent since the late-great Jose Pereyra's FA back in 1998, No Way Jose had gained a hefty rep with a grade rumored to be in the 5.13+ range. Honnold, as he often does, coolly dispatched the route onsight with little fanfare, calling it one of the best cracks he'd ever done. Fortunately photographer Andrew Burr was there to capture the action and put together this video.

Animal V10 from Jamie Emerson on Vimeo.

Brian Capps and Jamie Emerson repeat Animal in Clear Creek Canyon. This is before the dab rock was removed. It is now easier to go left and perhaps V8.

■Rocky Mountain National Park • Ryan Silven • The Seeping (V9) • First Ascent

Rocky Mountain National Park • Ryan Silven • The Seeping (V9) • First Ascent from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.

Ryan Silven climbing the first ascent of The Seeping (V9) in Upper Chaos in Rocky Mountain National Park, Co.

■European 2010 climbing and bouldering championship report

Our account of the European 2010 climbing and bouldering championships. Needed a bit of time in the making, but should be interesting for in-depth movement analysis. For further information and detailed results, check out http://www.ifsc-climbing.org! Filmed and photographed with our usual low budget, low weight kit: 2 GoPro cams, a Nikon D5000 and a D700 and 2 Kodak Zx1 cams. Edited by udini in FCP, Soundtrack by udini using RJDJ...
■2010 Spot Bouldering Series • Highball / Highline Competition

2010 Spot Bouldering Series • Highball / Highline Competition from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.

The Spot Bouldering Gym in Boulder, Colorado hosted the 6th annual Spot Bouldering Series with the third round called The Highball / Highline Competition.

6 men and 6 women battle for 1st place and a chance to win the overall series title and 5 slackliners battle it out on the highline.


1st - Jesse Youngwerth
2nd - Chelsea Rude
3rd - Tiffany Hensley
4th - Kara Caputo
5th - Tyler Youngwerth
6th - Courtney Behnke

1st - Jon Cardwell
2nd - Ian Dory
3rd - Matty Hong
4th - Tyler Haack
5th - Colin Bauer
6th - Gabor Szekely

■Climax.tv Issue#4 - HIGH FIVE Roger Schäli

Climax.tv Issue#4 - HIGH FIVE Roger Schäli from Flo Murnig on Vimeo.

The new HIGH FIVE in the 10th Climax Issue is about Roger Schäli from Switzerland and here is the movie with full interview! The Route Roger is climbing here is called 'Ewigi Liebi', one of his hardest first ascents in sport climbing.


■The Greatest Flasher

The Greatest Flasher from Carlo Traversi on Vimeo.

Usually, topping out boulders isn’t even fun unless you’ve flashed them. We all know this. This video analyzes the complex logic behind this truth, and documents the efforts of the world’s king of flashing in his latest onslaught against a brand new boulder. Undoubtedly, after millions of people have watched this video, the flashing trend will begin its rightful reign and send the practice of ‘projecting’ into complete obsolescence. Soon enough, you won’t even get the points for sending the boulder problem unless you flashed. A new 8a.nu will emerge with only one option for ascent-type: flash. Welcome to the future.

■Silvretta / Silvapark Bouldering 2010

Silvretta / Silvapark Bouldering 2010 from RokBlog.de on Vimeo.

Im Juli 2010 besuchten Mia und ich das Bouldergebiet Silvapark in den Silvretta Bergen von Österreich. Dank der hohen Lage auf etwa 2300 Metern sind die Temperaturen auch im Sommer gut auszuhalten. Die Gneisblöcke sind meistens scharf und sehr rauh - ohne stabile Haut kann der Bouldertrip deswegen bereits am ersten Tag zu Ende sein.
Den ganzen Report von unserem Bouldertrip gibts auf www.RokBlog.de


In july 2010 Mia and i visited the bouldering area silvapark in the silvretta mountains, austria. Situated 2300 above the sea, the summer is the perfekt time for a visit. Bring lots of skin, as the rock is razor sharp. The full report of our bouldering trip is online at www.RokBlog.de

■FONTastic - 5 days bouldering in fontainebleau

FONTastic - 5 days bouldering in fontainebleau from RokBlog.de on Vimeo.

In Mai 2010 we spent 5 days in font and despite the terrible weatherforecast we had a great time bouldering. All of the footage was shot with my new cam and it's my first try to get a more pro-look on bouldering clips. More to come...


Im Mai 2010 waren wir für 5 Tage in Bleau und obwohl die Wettervorhersage sehr schlecht aussah, hatten wir eine tolle Zeit beim Bouldern. Alle Aufnahmen sind mit meiner neuen Kamera entstanden und dies ist mein erster Versuch ein etwas professioneller aussehendes Bouldervideo zu "produzieren". Weitere werden folgen....

Viel Spaß!


If you would like to embed this video on your site, just drop me a line!

■Moonlight Dreams, Zion National Park 2010

Moonlight Dreams, Zion National Park 2010 from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

A couple of months ago I had the extreme pleasure of repeating Moonlight as a free climb. Moonlight buttress is probably the single best sandstone bigwall freeclimb in the world and to manage to scrap up it first try no falls was one of the highlights of my year, and sharing it with my bride to be made it even more special. This piece is a mix of 5d mark ii footage and timelapses shot on terrafirma mixed with iphone 4 footage! I brought my iphone up the climb accidentally and then figured I might as well shoot a little video while I was up there!! And so, a video short was born!!!

■Early Doors (7a), Curbar, Peak District bouldering

Early Doors (7a), Curbar, Peak District bouldering from lagerstarfish on Vimeo.

The smoothest line out of the toilet hole that hosts Gorilla Warfare.

Music from Le Prince d'Euphor: "Les Rosbifs"


Shot with a Canon 500d

■Good Use Of A November Morning

Good Use Of A November Morning from lagerstarfish on Vimeo.

How I like to start the day.

Mark's Roof Left Hand, Gardoms, in The Peak District.

Shot with a Canon HV20

■1st Ascent Nacho Sánchez
El Lado Oscuro de la Fuerza 8B+ FA (Castillo de Bayuela)

El Lado Oscuro de la Fuerza 8B+ FA (Castillo de Bayuela) from Boreal Video on Vimeo.

Nacho Sánchez en "El Lado Oscuro de la Fuerza" 8B+ FA (Castillo de Bayuela).

■Encore, 8B (V13) - Fontainebleau

Encore, 8B (V13) - Fontainebleau from Bione Happyclimb on Vimeo.

Marshall, début Octobre, signe l’une de ses plus belles et dures croix avec ‘‘Encore’’, un chef d'oeuvre de résistance, 8B, dans le site mythique du Bas Cuvier, ouvert il y a bien longtemps par Mister Godoffe en personne...

■Hayden Miller: MUY LOKO

Hayden Miller: MUY LOKO from Louder Than 11 on Vimeo.

Hayden Miller crushing three New England classics...

■Bouldering 2010

Bouldering 2010 from Dan Goodwin on Vimeo.

A few clips taken over the summer of 2010 ! Some in Yorkshire grit and others all over Scotland. Also some Urban clips in Aviemore !

■Micha Vanhoudt - "El salto del ángel" (8b+)