■Paul Robinson on Vacation in Boulder, Colorado

Paul Robinson on Vacation in Boulder, Colorado from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.

Paul Robinson spent 10 days in Boulder Colorado with his pals. This is a vacation in the life with Paul and his friends Jon Glassberg, Carlo Traversi, Danny Ciavarro, Nic Sherman, Jonny Hork, and Ryan Silven.

Paul gets the FA of "Vacation" (V10) in S. St. Vrain Canyon.

Jon climbs the "Graham Route" (V10) in Eldorado Canyon.

Ryan climbs "The Hug Right" (V11) in Boulder Canyon.

We party, we have fun, we vacation...

■The Adamants- What can go wrong, will go wrong

The Adamants- What can go wrong, will go wrong from ARC'TERYX on Vimeo.

Far from the dream trip they had envisioned, Arc'teryx athlete Toni Lamprecht and climbing partner Benno Wagner travel from Germany to establish new routes in the remote Adamants Range of British Columbia. The resulting epic has a sobering lesson for all climbers.

Learn more about Toni Lamprecht at:


■Triassic Bouldering

Triassic Bouldering from Kyle Duba on Vimeo.

Some classic moderates at 'The Land of 1000 Boulders' in Triassic, Utah about 30 minutes from Joe's Valley. Shot over the course of a weekend in fall 2009.

Shot & Edited by Kyle Duba with additional camera work by Brian Hensien.

Climbers: Graham Kolb, Kyle Rowden, Aaron Steele, Kyle Duba


Take from Kyle Duba on Vimeo.

A short rock climbing movie made for the 'Reel Rock' amateur filmmaker competition in 2009. William Roth pushes the limits of "the second half of climbing."

Direction, Shooting, Editing - Kyle Duba
Acting - Will Roth, Graham Kolb
Camera, Sound - Brian Hensien

■The Impossible Traverse

The Impossible Traverse from ByronWolter on Vimeo.
It has been seven years since the hardest climb in the bay area(The Impossible Traverse) has seen an ascent. Brian Hedrick, setter for Touchstone Gym and Bay Area superman sets out for the second ascent.
■Iron Monkey and the Impossible Traverse

Iron Monkey and the Impossible Traverse from ByronWolter on Vimeo.
This one is not new but I am putting high quality replacements online to update them for everyone. I wasn't satisfied with the quality of the previous versions.
■The Fall

The Fall from ByronWolter on Vimeo.
Stay StokeD! I am still working this thing to the bone. My birthday challenge kind of got in the way. No worries, lets create this thing!
■The Kraken

The Kraken from ByronWolter on Vimeo.
Brian Hedrick, Bay Area Rocker, sends the Kraken (v11/v12), at Berkeley's infamous Mortar Rock.

He ran this thing like three times for me because i couldn't get the composition right, I need to get it together duder.

Another couple cool videos Brian and I collaborated on: http://vimeo.com/21701627

Climbing - Brian Hedrick

Camera/Comp Collab - Brian Hedrick

Main Camera, Editing, Coloring, and Titles - Byron Jordan Wolter, Wolter Byron, Byronian Wolterias.

Music - www.feeplaymusic.org
■Bishop Bouldering

Bishop Bouldering from Joe Ramos on Vimeo.

Humboldt State Climbing Team spending spring break in Bishop! Featuring Seven Spanish Angels, Solarium, Suspended in Silence, Rio's Crack, King Tut, A Birthing Experience, Molly, Southwest Arete, and Parliament.

Filmed on a Canon t2i with 18-55mm kit lens and 50mm 1.8

Edited in final cut pro



Amon Tobin-At the End of the Day

Miike Snow-Animal

■Demon Seed

Demon Seed from Sean Stewart on Vimeo.

Jordan Stein climbing Demon Seed.

■Red River Reunion 2011

Red River Reunion 2011 from Sean Stewart on Vimeo.

The Red River Reunion is an annual event held at Miguel's Pizza in Slade, KY to help raise money for the Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition(RRGCC).

The mission of the RRGCC is to ensure open, public access to ample, quality outdoor rock climbing opportunities to meet the needs of current and future climbers and to encourage the conservation of the natural environment, on publicly managed and privately owned land by protecting, promoting, and ensuring responsible climbing. http://www.rrgcc.org/


LET ME GO (unreleased version)
Music and Lyrics by Louis Fernandez and Jean-Christophe Boies
Mix and Recording at The Tree Studio, Ile-d'Orleans, 2011

Come out and show your support!!!

■Too Many Projects

Too Many Projects from RokBlog.de on Vimeo.

2011- Paul Robinson, Alexander Förschler and Marc Stellbogen bouldering in Switzerland, Ticino, Val Verzasca.

During 3 weeks we established new boulders, opened many new projects and climbed some of the classics.

Boulders in this video:
* unnamed, fb6c
* unnamed, fb7a
* unnamed, fb6b
* SoftTouch, fb6b first ascent
* Sonnenanbeter, fb7c
* The blue Lagoon, fb8a first ascent
* Homemade Slingshot, fb7b+ first ascent
* The Cruiso, fb7a first ascent
* Ballermann, fb7c first ascent
* Sideeffect, fb8a
* The real Pamplemouse, fb8a
* Salamander, fb8a
* Schrottpresse, fb7a+ first ascent

Read the full article on:

Music licensed by:

The Schengen Files: Official Trailer from Paul Robinson on Vimeo.

The Schengen Files is a movie about my most recent trip to Europe. During the first three months of 2011 I was fortunate enough to climb in both Fontainbleau, France and Ticino, Switzerland. This video will document some of the hardest climbs I accomplished during the three month period. The video is planned to premiere later this Summer after it has been edited all together. This video is about the purity of climbing, the high level of psyche that I have for climbing at my limit, as well as the amazing rock that these areas have. This film was shot to document some of the hardest climbs I have ever done and to show my perceptions of the truly magnificent climbing within the confines of the Schengen Union.

The list of climbs to be included in the film:

1. angama
2. trip hop
3. story of 2 worlds

4.la force du destin
5.kheops assis

6.Sideways Daze
7.Le Tajine
8.l'apparemment depart en bas


Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy!

The Schengen Files Teaser from Paul Robinson on Vimeo.

HD Download available at http://www.hdclimbingvideos.com in less than 1 week!!!!!! 12 July 2011~~!! get psyched

here is a link to the trailer - http://vimeo.com/22542769



NES from Paul Robinson on Vimeo.

■Vertical Sailing, movie trailer

■episode 1 “the road to Greenland “

■episode 2 “The impossible wall”

■episode 3 “Never say never”

■episode 4 “the Pushes”
Boulder Men
1 Fischhuber Kilian 1983 AUT 4t9 4b5
2 Schubert Jakob 1990 AUT 3t3 3b3
3 Gelmanov Rustam 1987 RUS 3t6 3b6
4 Glairon Mondet Guillaume 1986 FRA 3t8 4b8
5 Sharafutdinov Dmitry 1986 RUS 3t11 4b12
6 Hori Tsukuru 1989 JPN 1t6 3b9

Boulder Women
1 Kim Jain 1988 KOR 3t5 3b4
2 Stöhr Anna 1988 AUT 2t4 4b7
3 Le Neve Melissa 1989 FRA 2t4 4b9
4 Noguchi Akiyo 1989 JPN 2t6 3b8
5 Markovic Mina 1987 SLO 5169 1t1 3b3
6 Puccio Alex 1989 USA 8654 1t6 4b9
■Boulder World Cup 2011 report - Milano

Jain Kim and Kilian Fischhuber were the winners of the first Boulder World Cup of the 2011 season in Milano. I kept the report rather short since I already uploaded most of the individual boulder problems, still, the split screens really give so much more information about the route setting but also about the technique of the competitors! As usual, check out www.ifsc-climbing.org for all additional info and www.udini.com for "behind-the-scenes" reports.
■IFSC Bouldering&Speed World Cup - Milano - 2011

Highlights of the Bouldering and Speed World Cup in Milano (ITA)

■BWC 2011 Milano F Male 2












■BWC 2011 Milano QualMale A 1





■BWC 2011 Milano QualMale B2







Chris Sharma Talks About Sending First Round First Minute 5.15b (videos)


■Chris Sharma: First Round First Minute

On April 19, 2011, Chris Sharma made the first ascent of his longtime project First Round First Minute, in Margalef, Spain. This clip shows him trying the route last year. Adapted from the 2010 REEL ROCK Film Tour. Available at Big UP Productions and Sender Films websites. Filmed by Brett Lowell. Music by Swoop Swoop and Todayokay.

■Chris Sharma: The Legacy Continues

Chris Sharma: The Legacy Continues from Prana Living on Vimeo.

Chris Sharma's meteoric climbing career started when he won the Bouldering Nationals at age 14 and opened the hardest climb in America (at the time, 5.14c) a year later. In the decade that followed, Chris has continued to take climbing to a new level. Not only has he consistently shattered previous conceptions of difficulty, he was recently voted 8a Climber of the Decade. He has sent multiple 5.15 routes, bouldered V15, onsighted 5.14b, and established deep water solo routes at the highest grades. Chris holds claim to the current hardest route in America, and perhaps the world, with his ascent of Jumbo Love at Clark Mountain in California. Chris has a lot on his plate this year with a new house in Spain, establishing a string of 5.15 routes and climbing almost daily with his girlfriend Daila Ojeda. The area around their home is considered one of the hotspots for the sport globally with more than 70 crags featuring steep limestone caves and seemingly endless possibilities. It looks like Chris will have plenty of time to perfect his Spanish accent...

For More On Chris Visit: http://bit.ly/ChrisSharma


■Where are the DIAMONDS?! 2011 • Official Trailer

Where are the DIAMONDS?! 2011 • Official Trailer from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.

Coming this summer, a Louder Than 11 production, presented by Death to Traitors Films, comes an epic action adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat. Carlo Traversi stars in this thrill ride of cinematic gold alongside the likes of Angela Payne, Alex Puccio, Paul Robinson, and Max Zolotukhin for non stop adventure and no-holds-barred excitement.

Check your local listings for event details and show times.

Kara Caputo
Jon Glassberg
Jonny Hork
Angela Payne
Alex Puccio
Paul Robinson
Ryan Silven
Carlo Traversi
Kirsten Wedde
Ryan Youngjavascript:void(0)
Max Zolotukhin

Ryan Silven

Music Supervisor:
Jon Glassberg

Music by:
Two Steps From Hell

Costume Design:
Jay Jay Jeffery

Executive Producer:
Ryan Silven
Max Zolotukhin

Co Producers:
Jon Glassberg
Carlo Traversi

Special FX:
Jordan Shipman

Jon Glassberg

Production Designs:
Jon Glassberg
Ryan Silven
Max Zolotukhin

Director of Photography:
Jon Glassberg

Produced by:
Jon Glassberg
Ryan Silven

Written by:
Jon Glassberg
Ryan Silven

Directed and Produced by:
Jon Glassberg

■Enzo Oddo: The First Time

Enzo Oddo: The First Time from Prana Living on Vimeo.

Check out this video of 16-year-old climbing prodigy, Enzo Oddo, prAna‘s youngest ambassador. He hails from Nice, France and, prior to the trip he took this February to Bishop, California, he had never been on a trip for the sole purpose of bouldering. Despite the foreign terrain and tough climbs, Oddo made the fourth-ever full ascent of the Bishop highball, Ambrosia.

You may not be able to climb or boulder like Oddo–in fact, Wend Magazine is willing to bet you can’t. But you can participate in this contest.

Enter to win any item from prAna by posting this blog entry on your personal Facebook page and tagging both prAna (http://www.facebook.com/prana) and Wend Magazine (http://www.facebook.com/wendmag) between today (April 19th), and next Monday (April 25th). On Monday, Wend Magazine will pick a random winner and post it on the their blog (http://www.wendmag.com).

Good luck!



TNF NIPPON from Film IT on Vimeo.


■Bouldering in Targasonne - Petzl Video

Bouldering Targasonne - Dave Graham, Tony Lamiche, Chris Sharma
Women’s Open

1. Anna Garzon – Williams
2. Rachel Forman – MIT
3. Eleanor Krause – UVM
4. Alex Ambros – Williams
5. Sydney Smith – Middlebury

Men’s Open

1. Sam Hathaway – Middlebury
2. Alex Russo – Middlebury
3. Ben Yardley – UVM
4. Hayden Carpenter – Colby
5. Ty Hall – UVM


■Dartmouth Collegiate Bouldering Comp 2011

Dartmouth Collegiate Bouldering Comp 2011 from Julian Rodier on Vimeo.

Collegiate Bouldering Comp at Dartmouth.
February 27, 2011


Emancipator - Wolf Drawn
Ratatat - Seventeen Years

Video by David Crothers and Julian Rodier

Edit by Julian Rodier

East Coast Thriller FA from paul jung on Vimeo.

■Daniel Woods Climbing God Module in the Rain

Daniel Woods Climbing God Module in the Rain from DPM CLIMBING on Vimeo.

Daniel Woods traveled to Alabama for the HPRocks competition. The competition was rescheduled do to rain, but this did not stop Daniel from climbing the area's testpiece.

■Climax.tv Issue #6 - Flash Back Hueco Tanks

Climax.tv Issue #6 - Flash Back Hueco Tanks from Flo Murnig on Vimeo.

First Climax.tv Flash Back Issue with Emi Moosburger, Ingo Filzwieser and Flo Murnig at Hueco Tanks. The result of one month climbing at america's favourite bouldering mekka.

Check out Emi Moosburgers website for additional videos, some pix and stories:

Thanks to Climax, Revolution Climbing and Moon Climbing for their support!


■Climax.tv Issue#5 - HIGH FIVE Pirmin Bertle

Climax.tv Issue#5 - HIGH FIVE Pirmin Bertle from Flo Murnig on Vimeo.

The HIGH FIVE by Pirmin Bertle in the Climax Magazine Issue #11 now on video! Check out Pirmin's climbing live in the video.


1. Magnus Midtbø
2. Carlo Traversi
3. Matt Hong
4. Jon Cardwell
5. Alex Johnson

1. Sasha DiGiulian
2. Paige Claassen
3. Dana Riddle
4. Alex Johnson
5. Chelsea Rude

■2011 SCS National Championship Highlights • Men

2011 SCS National Championship Highlights • Men from Louder Than 11 on Vimeo.

USAC presents the 2011 SCS National Championship highlight reel!

Produced by Louder Than 11

■2011 SCS National Championship Highlights • Women

2011 SCS National Championship Highlights • Women from Louder Than 11 on Vimeo.

USAC presents the 2011 SCS National Championship highlight reel. Womens finals!

Produced by Louder Than 11

■Sports Climbing Series National Championships

Hundreds of climbing enthusiasts gathered for the USA Climbing's Sport Climbing Series national championships at Movement Climbing and Fitness on Saturday, April 2, in Boulder.
■USA Climbing SCS Nationals

USA Climbing SCS Nationals from movement on Vimeo.


■2011 HEART OV ZTEEL • Highlights!

2011 HEART OV ZTEEL • Highlights! from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.

■Heart ov Zteel

Heart ov Zteel from Julian Rodier on Vimeo.

Boston Rock Gym put on a sick show last weekend. Climberism was there...
March 26, 2011


video by julian rodier, david crothers, and ray kania
edit by julian rodier

ronald jenkees - neptune
die antwoord - ninja

■HEART OV ZTEEL • The Completed Trilogy

HEART OV ZTEEL • The Completed Trilogy from Louder Than 11 on Vimeo.

On March 26th, 2011 The Boston Rock Gym and Woburn Scion will be hosting the 3rd Annual Heart ov Zteel bouldering competition. But to call it a bouldering competition is to lump it in with the hundreds of other local, regional, and even national events that happen each year in the US. The reality is that Heart ov Zteel is something else entirely. Think high-energy game show meets world-class rock climbing meets heavy metal concert….and you might have some sort of an idea as to the industry-leading madness that will ensue for the third successful year in a row. Heart ov Zteel is more than a comp, itʼs an EVENT, something that the climbing community talks about for months after the dust has settled.


BEST COAST RIOT from Martin Arvidson on Vimeo.

A movie made for Petzl by me and my good friend Jesper Östlund.

We followed Said Belhaj when he showed his good friend Dani Andrada around on the Swedish west coast for ten days. They climbed some of the old classic routes and also tried some of the projects the area has to offer.

■CUBA CHAPTER 1_Havana City Bustle

CUBA CHAPTER 1_Havana City Bustle from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

music recorded on location

■Cuba Chapter 2_Enter Vinales

Cuba Chapter 2_Enter Vinales from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

Music Recorded On Location

■Cuba Chapter 3_The Competition

Cuba Chapter 3_The Competition from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

music recorded on location

■Cuba Chapter4_The Life of Leo

Cuba Chapter4_The Life of Leo from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

Computer Vs Banjo
"Signs of Passing Time"
"And The Screen Turned Red"
"San Joaquin"

■CUBA CHAPTER .5_getting there

CUBA CHAPTER .5_getting there from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

A little precursor to a new adventure in Cuba-->A few weeks off the grid climbing and checking out the culture with no phone or internet.

1 5d, 1 pair of climbing shoes and a pair of flip flops...here we go!

MUSIC: http://www.diagramcollective.com/

■Early Spring 2011 in Finland

Early Spring 2011 in Finland from Anssi Laatikainen on Vimeo.

Video of a season start for one Finnish climber. Story of a cold and snowy winter passing by. Sun coming finally up after months of practically total darkness. Warmth starting to melt the snow. This climber starts his season by releasing one of his favorite routes under 1.2 meters of snow and sends it with style it deserves.

■Steph Davis Tower Project

Steph Davis Tower Project from Keith Ladzinski on Vimeo.

In November of 2010 Steph Davis called me with to tell me about a project she was getting ready to start in the desert. Her plan was to climb 4 desert towers and base jump off of them. Each tower had a unique twist to it, but the true intention of the project was to simply take advantage in local adventure on the unique terrain of her home town, Moab Utah. I immediately jumped on the opportunity; to photograph and film her climbing classic desert towers, making first free ascents, doing jumps no women has ever done, and more importantly, being apart of this unique project. I had the great opportunity to work with a great team of people, all that need mentioning here: Steph Davis, Mario Richards, Andy Mann, Jorge Visser, and Chris Hunter. Here is the teaser from the project, more coming soon. I hope you enjoy it.

Corey Rich Origins of a legend. from Rex Lint on Vimeo.