We call it " Bleau " from Sandstones on Vimeo.

Two crisps day in the forest with Ethan Pringle, Trine, Ting & Abond from yangshuo.

This video features :
- Big Jim, 6C flash (Petit Bois)
- La Baleine, 7A (Petit Bois)
- Double entorse, 7B+ (Franchard Cuisinière)
- Entorse, 7A (Franchard Cuisinière)
- Big Dragon, 8A (Petit Bois)
- Tigre & Dragon, 8A (Rocher Gréaut)

Bonus :
- A try in Karma
- Tigre & Dragon uncut

Rock and Jump 12 from Vertical-Axis on Vimeo.

Ashima Shiraishi video from Atossa Abrahamian on Vimeo.

Women's final results: 1. Jain Kim (Korea) 2. Mina Markovic (Slovenia) 3. Katharina Posch (Austria) 4. Mathilde Brumagne (Belgium) 5. Maja Vidmar (Slovenia) 6. Angela Eiter (Austria) Men's final results: 1. Sean McColl (Canada) 2. Sachi Amma (Japan) 3. Jakob Schubert (Austria) 4. Romain Desgranges (France) 5. Urban Primozic (Slovenia) 6. Jorg Verhoeven (Netherlands)

Sean McColl - Winner of Climbing WC Kranj 2011 from Žiga Janež on Vimeo.

Fast and efficient climbing was the best recipe for winning Climbing World Cup Kranj 2011.

Sean at his official website: "I took home a gold medal. It’s the first for me in a world cup and it was definitely one to remember."

Watch more climbers at G+ circle http://goo.gl/EVCpP

Jain Kim - Winner of Climbing WC Kranj 2011 from Žiga Janež on Vimeo.

Jain Kim from Korea climbing in finals for her victory in Kranj 2011.

She has almost reached the top of the route. Definitely technical climbing worth a Victory.

Join G+ circle for more - http://goo.gl/EVCpP

Mina Markovic @ IFSC Climbing Worldcup (L) - Kranj (SLO) 2011 from Žiga Janež on Vimeo.

Mina Markovic winner of IFSC Climbing WC 2011, climbing in finals at World Cup Kranj 2011.

With 2nd place at Kranj še won IFSC Climbing Worldcup Lead 2011 before the final competition which will be held in Barcelona . Mina was first after Semi Finals. The Winner of Kranj 2011 is Jain Kim from Korea.

Filmed with Canon EOS 60D & EFS 18-200mm thanks to Canon Adria.

Check G+ http://goo.gl/EVCpP

Danilo Pereyra : Alihulk Extension 9a+ from Fernando Pieruz on Vimeo.

Felipe Camargo In Alihulk 9a

Felipe Camargo In Alihulk 9a
Dave Graham climbing on Ali Hulk in Rodellar, Spain.
Magnus Midtboe making the second ever confirmed repeat of a 9b on Dani Andrada's epic cave route in Rodellar, Spain.
The 'Battle of Britain' bouldering competition is back for it's second year hosted at the Depot Climbing Centre in Leeds. A whole host of international names arrived to compete to ensure that this was easily the best Battle yet!

After 25 qualification problems our finalists battled it out for the two £500 cash prizes whilst everyone else could watch, listen to our DJ and enjoy a pint of bitter. Proper Yorkshire.

When the dust settled the victors were Chris Webb Parsons for the men and a joint win for the female with Shauna Coxey and Alex Puccio matching each other hold for hold.

Full results will be available at: www.theclimbingdepot.com

Setting for the SIBL @ The Arch from TheArch ClimbingWall on Vimeo.

Five Ten climber Gaz Parry and The Arch's head route setter Yann Genoux set the problems for the final of the SILB, and then demonstrate some pro climbing!

Filmed and edited by Kieran Hall.

Front Room from TheArch ClimbingWall on Vimeo.

Front Room 2 from TheArch ClimbingWall on Vimeo.

A short overview of the new front area at the Arch

Traverse Area from TheArch ClimbingWall on Vimeo.

Back Room 1 from TheArch ClimbingWall on Vimeo.

A short overview of the first back room at the Arch

Adult Improver Session- from TheArch ClimbingWall on Vimeo.

The Arch Climbing Wall, home to London's original free adult improver sessions since 2008 !

We run a free adult drop-in class every Friday from 6 to 7pm and Monday from 6.30pm to 7.30pm for people climbing between V0 and V3. The sessions are good occasions to improve your climbing and meet people, so don’t hesitate to come around, just tell the reception you're here for the drop-in session on the day (entry price not included). So don't wait any further, come and climb with us!

Video by Erik Fors!

The Arch Climbing Wall is 3 years old! from TheArch ClimbingWall on Vimeo.

The third anniversary competition held at The Arch Climbing Wall in February 2011.

Many thanks to: Evolv, Core holds, Karma, Revolution, Five Ten clothing, Beastmaker & Organic who all helped make it a top day for everyone, and of course thank you to everyone who came for the day to climb & share some good times!

Final results:


1. Marcin Franiak
2. Bodley Zhang
3. Adam Dunderdale


1. Kate Hall
2. Yvonne Cotrulia
3. Cat Gallagher

For full results and details go to: http://www.archclimbingwall.com

Video and still images shot on a Canon S90

Crush-O-Ween Competition at WSC from Patrick Donahue on Vimeo.

Annual Crush-O-Ween climbing competition at Western State College.

film with sony nex3

Fontainebleau Volume 1 from David Heerema on Vimeo.

In August 2011 I began a one year leave from my job in Canada and started travelling. After leaving Spain we settled in Fontainebleau, France to experience what is likely the best bouldering on earth.

The following video features some of the climbing that happened during our first days in the forest. I produced the video in one evening so it's not very glamorous. More videos to come...

La Déferlante 7A+
Orange Circuit at Bas Cuvier
La Baleine 7A+
La Lune 7A
Fata Morgana 8A

Music (www.bleep.com):
Rustie - Surph
Rustie - City Star

Follow the trip at http://teamheerema.wordpress.com

Fontainebleau Volume 2 from David Heerema on Vimeo.

In August 2011 I began a one year leave from my job in Canada and started travelling. With less than one week remaining in Europe/Fontainebleau for this year the pressure is on. I don't want to leave.

This video highlights only a few climbs, but amazing lines. Atmosphère assis is such a stunner. One of the coolest boulder problems around.

Atmosphère assis 7B+
Hypothèse 7C+
Le Mandarin Droite 7B

Music (www.bleep.com):
Gold Panda - Marriage
Dibiase - Clocked Out

Follow the trip at http://teamheerema.wordpress.com


AFTER 5 from Lebro Films on Vimeo.

We did this video to show that there's not only the professional climbers who are dedicated to their sport, but also people like you and me who do some compromises to get to their goals and be as good as they can with their life obligations.

Music by Ski Mask Philosophers:

La Forêt de Fontainebleau from Chris Houston on Vimeo.

A selection of footage from a trip to Fontainebleau.


Insistence 7a, Controle a 7c, Graviton 7a, Le mouton a 5 pattes 7a, Jet Set 7a, Recontre Plafonnique 7b, Marie Rose 6a, Festin Pierre 7a+, Haka 7a+, Halle Bopp 7c, Dosage 7c, Smatch 7b, Magic Bus 7b+

Albarracin. Opening Session 2011 from miguel navarro on Vimeo.

Proyectos....unos ya estan en la saca, otros se hacen eternos...pero nos gusta!!!! opening session 2011 es la visita a este bosque con algo de buen tacto, el reencuentro de estos proyectos, con los clasicos del lugar, con muchos incondicionales que siempre estan entre esas rocas y con muchos otros que se dejan ver de vez en cuando.....



Albarracin. L´Astronave (7c+) y El Mito Personal (8a) from miguel navarro on Vimeo.

Un Sabado solitario por el sector los techos, me recordo a los inicios de este bosque....y ademas elegi pelearme con uno de los clasicos mas antiguos de este sector y que mas faena me a dado....con los deberes hechos directo a por la otra espinita de La Peninsula, FA por el fortisimo Beto Rocasolano.



Bouldern 1.0 swiss from Rothenberger Stephan on Vimeo.

Довбуші у 3D from Roman Batsenko on Vimeo.

One Week in Rocklands September Heat from ZeBloc on Vimeo.

In september 2011, we have spent a week in Rocklands (South Africa).
Too warm for hard bouldering but cool enough early in the morning and at night to enjoy the area. We'll have to go back!

Everything Canadian Bouldering Nationals 2011 (Part 1 of 2) from Walson Tai on Vimeo.

This 2 part story is not just about the athletes competing in Canada's Premiere bouldering competition, but also the problems they climb on, and the route setters and forerunners involved in making this competition successful.
The first day (part 1) looks at everything involved in the qualifying round and the "tweaks" everyone made, to make sure everything goes according to plan for the following days final round.


aidas rygelis

CCC Designer Route Series - Vikki Weldon from Walson Tai on Vimeo.

Calgary Climbing Centre
Designer Route Series with Vikki Weldon

The Designer Route Series is a carefully crafted climbing route designed from scratch by a professional climber specificatlly for the intermediate level CCC member. The pro climber starts with a concept that inspires them, goes to our shaping room, and selectively creates custom crafted climbing shapes to be molded into beautiful holds. These holds are then casted into colours of the building blocks of a CCC Designer Route. The pro climber then designs a route that can convey thier inspiration.

Vikki Weldon has inspired many people around the world with her climbing, writing, and photography. What captivates me the most about Vikki, is not just her remarkable strength and fluid movement, but her exceptional kindness and dedication to everyone she meets in this community. She is my real life hero. If I could go back in time, I would want to be just like her.
When she is not being interviewed, photographed, or on video in climbing magazines and movies, then she is usually writing articles for them. In her spare time, she climbs...really well! There are very few women on this contentinent that are as good in competitions, as they are sport climbing on rock. Vikki Weldon is no exception! The shear number of times she steps on the podium after a competition vs. her number of hard climbs is outstanding.
Vikki now resides in Vancouver balancing her study in nursing, and climbing.
The Designer Route by Vikki Weldon can be found at the Calgary Climbing Centre Stronghold rope #16 - Blue is 10c/d and Yellow is 11a.

Calgary Climbing Centre C3 Classic Chinook Location Nov. 4 2011 from Walson Tai on Vimeo.

Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, routes setters, and Simon Villeneuve. It feels good to be back hosting competitions again!

CCC GPA from Walson Tai on Vimeo.

A quick look at what the team is up to this year with performance testing.

The Eminem Show
Till I Collapse

Tour de Bloc Nov.15 Comp Calgary Climbing Centre from Walson Tai on Vimeo.

A brief look at the Calgary Climbing Centre's Tour de Bloc bouldering competition from a organizers perspective. Interviewing the organizer, route setters, and competitors on how they feel about competing, the event, and what they expect in finals.

Blocos A2 [en] from Granito [filmes de pedra] on Vimeo.

Blocos A2 é o registro de alguns momentos de um casal de escaladores que é aficionado pela escalada em bloco.

Selecionado pela 11ª Mostra Internacional de Filmes de Montanha [www.filmesdemontanha.com.br]

(with english subtitles)

I Festival de Blocos de Salinas [HD] [en] from Granito [filmes de pedra] on Vimeo.

Assistant Director: Angelo Gomes
Assistant Editor: Raquel Guilhon
Subtitles: Claudio Brisighello
Brand Visual Identity: Daniel Portugal
Director: Ricardo Cosme
Soundtrack: Something in the air [Andrea Barone], The place that won't take me back [I Am Not Lefthanded], Tomenta [BrunoXe] and Disco Party [djbouly].

I Festival de Blocos de Salinas by Granito Filmes de Pedra is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

ATM 2011 [HD] [en] from Granito [filmes de pedra] on Vimeo.

Desde 1987 os montanhistas comemoram anualmente o início da temporada de montanha. Uma confraternização em um cartão postal do Rio aberto ao grande público.

Since 1987 mountaineers have an annual event for the season opening. A celebration at a postcard scenery in Rio open to the public.

Climbers: Camilla Porto, Caio Gomes, Eric Teles, Flavia Anjos, Pedro Henrique and Raquel Guilhon
Interviews: André Ilha, Caio Gomes, Cintia Daflon, Waldecy Mathias and Sergio Tartari
Climbing Wall: Flavio Bagre, Luis Paulo Vinil, Martino Singerberger, Oswaldo "Dico", Pedro Mattos, Raphael Raine and Silvio Neto
Route Setter: Bernardo Cruz and Fábio Muniz
Guidebook: André Ilha and Kika Bradford
Soundtrack: Understood by Your Dad (Brad Sucks), Total Breakdown (Brad Sucks) , boatsbutnottheocean (I Am Not Lefthanded)
Assistance: Angelo Gomes
Subtitles: Claudio Brisighello
Visual Identity: Daniel Portugal
Director: Ricardo Cosme

ATM 2011 by Granito Filmes de Pedra is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

JN Edit

JN edit from Dylan Curry on Vimeo.

Just some moving pictures of a very talented climbing friend of mine (jake novotny).

Music Track is "Innocence" by NERO

JN Edit part 2 from Dylan Curry on Vimeo.

Jake Novotny takes a second weekend trip down to bishop, deciding to put his projects on the side burner and just have some fun

Music credits 1. "Boom" Royce da 5'9
2. "Wake up" Mackintosh Braun

How to sport climb from Dylan Curry on Vimeo.

Music: Lamb of God- "Omerta"
Bonobo- "kiara"
Basic preparations for sport climbing. Always remember to check that your locking caribiner is locked. Always use commands and check your knot as well.


IFSC Impact Video 2011

RPTT 2011 Forteca from butcher - climb.pl on Vimeo.

Rock Pillars Testing Tour - CW Transformator - part 1 from butcher - climb.pl on Vimeo.

Rock Pillars Testing Tour - CW Forteca - part 2 from butcher - climb.pl on Vimeo.

Rock Pillars Testing Tour 2010 Part 1 from butcher - climb.pl on Vimeo.

Całość wraz ze zdjęciami na http://www.climb.pl/rock-pillars-testing-tour-tomasz-mrazek-krakow/

Dwa dni z Rock Pillars Testing Tour. Byliśmy w Gliwicach gdzie gościem głównym był Łukasz Dudek - polski pogromca 9a.
Druga możliwość testowania była na ReniSporcie w Krakowie, gdzie wspinacze mogli spotkać się z 2-krotnym mistrzem świata i 1-rwszym pogromcą 8c OS! Tomaszem Mrazkiem.

Rock Pillars Testing Tour part 2 (Wrocław) from butcher - climb.pl on Vimeo.

Więcej na: http://www.climb.pl/rock-pillars-testing-tour-we-wroclawiu

Kolejne imprezy spod znaku Rock Pillars Testing Tour odbędą się w:

Gato Toruń 23.11.2010 Tomasz Mrazek
Elewator Gdańsk 24.11.2010 Tomasz Mrazek
Obozowa Warszawa 25.11.2010 Tomasz Mrazek
TOSiR Tarnów 26.11.2010 Tomasz Mrazek
Avana Poznań 30.11.2010 Łukasz Dudek
Kotłownia Lublin 09.12.2010 Łukasz Dudek
Transformator Katowice 17.12.2010Łukasz Dudek
CWG Trango Bielsko-Biała 11.01.2011 Łukasz Dudek
Forteca Kraków 12.01.2010 Łukasz Dudek

Bishop Bouldering: Drifter Classics from Walker Kearney on Vimeo.

The three classic straight-ups on the Drifter Boulder in Bishop, CA. High Plain Drifter, Change of Heart, and The Knobs.

Bishop Bouldering: Happy Boulders from Walker Kearney on Vimeo.

Some problems from the Happy Boulders in Bishop, CA. Last Dance, Redrum sit, Serengeti, Morning Dove White, Gleaner, Acid Wash right

The Drifter Boulder from Walker Kearney on Vimeo.

Simultaneously climbing the Drifter Boulder's three classics in Bishop, CA. High Plain Drifter, Change of Heart and The Knobs.

Toru climbs the arete of Storms over Africa at Cribba Head from UKClimbing.com TV on Vimeo.

Toru climbs the arete of Storms over Africa at Cribba Head. The route was climbed on the BMC International meet in May 2010.


One more...

Toru Nakajima - new E9 on Gritstone from UKClimbing.com TV on Vimeo.

Visiting junior Toru Nakajima is safely back in Japan (phew!) after his three week blitz of Peak gritstone.

The 15 year old climber racked up an astonishing list of ascents given the warm and wet conditions he found in our typical British summer.

Black Out E9 (first ascent)
Childs Play/Nocturnal Emission (Direct on Parthian Shot) E9
Meshuga E9 (climbed the same day as Parthian Shot!)
Gaia E8
Simba's Pride E8
Elm Street E8
Life Assurance E6 (onsight)

Anche quest'anno a Montegiorgio si è svolto lo Street Boulder Contest organizzato dalla Big Sun Factory Blocks, in collaborazione con il comune di Montegiorgio. Sponsor by Santoni.

Giordano Viozzi - www.sushiadv.com
Raffaele Murani - www.raffaelemurani.it
Anche quest'anno a Montegiorgio si è svolto lo Street Boulder Contest organizzato dalla Big Sun Factory Blocks, in collaborazione con il comune di Montegiorgio. Sponsor by Santoni.

Giordano Viozzi - www.sushiadv.com
Raffaele Murani - www.raffaelemurani.it

Reducers - Rock n´Roll Bastards (free download Jamendo, licenza CC)
Louis Lingg and the Bombs - Long live the anarchist revolutionairies! (free download Jamendo, licenza CC)
Twiggy - Biting the Hands that Feed (free download Jamendo, licenza CC)
Inspirational - On the mountain (free download Jamendo, licenza CC)
La prima parte del reportage sull'edizione 2010 dello Street Boulder Contest a Montegiorgio.

Organizzazione: Big Sun Factory Blocks.
Filmato a cura di: Sushi Adv.

Le finali (maschile e femminile) dello Street Boulder Contest 2010 di Montegiorgio.

Organizzazione: Big Sun Factory Blocks.
Video a cura di: Sushi Adv.

Serata estiva a base di arrampicate in quel di Montegiorgio (AP), evento sponsorizzato da Saint Thomas Square.

Climbing party ¨Desplomat 2011¨

Jenn Flemming - The "R" Series from DPM CLIMBING on Vimeo.

See more content like this in The Stash, exclusively on www.dpmclimbing.com

New Mexico Bouldering: Monster Island from Walker Kearney on Vimeo.

Monster Island is one of the small bouldering areas outside of Pie Town, NM. This short video features a couple of the classic lines in the area.

The Cape Town from Cutloose Bouldering on Vimeo.

Paul Robinson and Marijus Šmigelskis bouldering around Cape Town.


Fontainebleau Bouldering

Fontainebleau Fall 2011

-Peter Dollerup
-Thomas Møgelberg
-Jakob Halskov

-Jakob Halskov

Please check out http://halskov.com for more videos, iPhone Apps and Photography!

Spring 2011 a group of young danish climbers went to the bouldering paradise Fontainebleau - It was a amazing trip!

This video was shot in one day by Jakob Halskov with assistance by Peter Dollerup, Thomas Møgelberg and Jens Øland.
It was shot primary using Canon 550D and 7D - Edited in Adobe After Effects

The climbers in the movie (sorted after appearence)
-Victor Mortensen
-Christoffer Trentemøller
-Jakob Halskov
-Thomas Møgelberg
-Liv Gyllenborg
-Jens Øland
-Peter Dollerup
-Benjamin Blankholm
-Frederik Würtz
-Christian Worm

Please like, favourite and check out http://halskov.com for more videos, iPhone Apps and Photography! :)

Chasing Rabbits from Van Lu on Vimeo.

"One pill makes you larger

And one pill makes you small

And the ones that mother gives you

Don't do anything at all

Go ask Alice, when she's ten feet tall

And if you go chasing rabbits

And you know you're going to fall

Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar

Has given you the call

To call Alice, when she was just small

When the men on the chessboard get up

And tell you where to go

And you've just had some kind of mushroom

And your mind is moving low

Go ask Alice, I think she'll know

When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead

And the white knight is talking backwards

And the red queen's off with her head

Remember what the dormouse said

“Feed your head, feed your head”



·Rocio Vera-Alice
·Ivan Luengo-hatter
·Miguel Navarro-White Knight
·Bi-Red Queen
·Luca Piedegati-White Rabbit
·David Periñan-Caterpillar
·Lendi- Cheshire Cat


#Tigre et Dragon
#Big Dragon
#Controle Tecnique
#Rocket Rainbow
#Haute Tension
#Proyectil Proyect



Final Libre Masculino 15 de mayo de 2011 , campeonato Gran Pared Pony Malta

Foster Falls - The Big Empty from Jonathan Carter on Vimeo.

Jonathan Brandt climbs The Big Empty at Foster Falls (TN), widely regarded to be the best route at the crag. It rained all day, so only a few routes in the Bunkers were dry. But the solitude, the sound of the rain, and the fall colors made this a very memorable day of climbing.

"Letting Go" from Evolv Climbing on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited by Andy Mann (3 Strings Media) in early October 2011. Evolv athlete, Emily Harrington, completes her hardest route to date, "Wacka Flocka" 5.14b, Rifle, CO.

Music: Emancipator (www.emancipatormusic.com)

Wide Boys climb Century Crack from chris Alstrin on Vimeo.

Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker are in the US for 8 weeks in search of the most difficult off-widths they could find. "Century Crack" is the hardest off-width in the world. Stevie Haston attempted this route in the 90's with no success. No one believed the route would ever be climbed...

Alstrin Film & Hot Aches Productions have teamed up to document their two year journey.

Look for the film - Fall 2012

Pikes Peak "The Flame" from chris Alstrin on Vimeo.

Pikes Peak the 31st highest mountain in the state of Colorado provides an outdoor mecca for the communities surrounding Colorado Springs. For tourists it’s simply a highway as a means to reach the summit. For others it’s a car race to the clouds. To the Colorado Springs outdoor community it’s an excuse to escape the summer heat, a place where splitter granite cracks can be climbed without seeing a sole. A playground in our backyard with spectacular spring skiing, mountain biking and for some a marathon race to the summit and back.


Elbsandstein-Bouldercup 2011

Elbsandstein-Bouldercup 2011 from ulF wogensTein on Vimeo.

Einige Impressionen vom Elbsandstein-Bouldercup 2011. Traditionell am Elbufer zu Fuße legendärer Wände rund um den Kurort Bad Schandau.

realisation: uwediA Perspectives & blocbuster entertainment

camera: ulf wogenstein
crane: uwe schneider
edit & sound mix: uwe schneider
finecut & color: ulf wogenstein

shot on
Panasonic DVX 100
5DMKII with Tokina 28-80mm F2.8 and
Canon 70-200mm F4.0

Season of the Sun from Sendaholic on Vimeo.

A Sendaholic produced video, showing a group of climbers who travel north to climb in cooler temperatures during the infamously hot Phoenix Summers.

Featured Songs:
'Night Time' by the XX
'Sackcloth in Ashes' by Small Leaks Sink Ships
'White Owl' by Josh Garrels
'Midnight in a Perfect World' by DJ Shadow
'Wide Eyes' by Local Natives

Ticino - Switzerland from Chris Houston on Vimeo.

Some classics from Cresciano and Chironico.

Filmed on:
Canon 60d
Canon EF-S 17 - 85 mm - F/4.0-5.6


The Best of Lincoln Lake from BEAR CAM MEDIA on Vimeo.


Jimmy Webb and Brian Antheunisse @ Lincoln Lake from BEAR CAM MEDIA on Vimeo.

Jimmy climbs Vanilla Sky V13, Purple is not a Color V10, and gets the First Ascents of: Dismantlng the Enemy V12, Heads or Tails - CORRECTION - V11/12, Guillotine V10, and Snaggletooth V7. Brian climbs Evil Backwards V13. Wolverineland, Mt Evans, Colorado

VIDEO PROFILE: BD athlete Patxi Usobiaga multi-pitch climbing in Austria's Rätikon from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Black Diamond athlete Patxi Usobiaga has won World Cups, world championships, and onsighted 8c+. Now? Injuries from a nasty car wreck have forced him to retire from the training rigors required for competition climbing and high-end sport climbing. Patxi, forever obsessed with climbing, has redirected his motivations and aspirations into enjoying the freedom and adventure of multi-pitching on Europe’s endless limestone alpine walls. The video below was shot on the immaculate walls of Austria’s Rätikon by Bernardo Gimenez and does a wonderful job of profiling Patxi’s transition in his climbing life.


The boys in Bleau from neil hart on Vimeo.

This video contains a lot of not very nice behaviour, so only watch if you don’t get offended...

Last weekend the boys from back home came to visit, it was good to see them as we don’t hook up that much now I live over here, it was almost an orc part 4 but a calm injured orc does not make for interesting video ;)

But the weekend was amazing, 3 days of glorious weather and to top it off a fast send of Karma by a very young happy Barny, good effort mate.

I made this video for them as a little thank you, see you guys soon, hopefully an uninjured Mr. Searle.

Eclipse 7c
Bizzare, Bizzare 7a
Bizzre Bizzare assis 7a+
Toit de cul de chein 7a/6c+
Modular 7b+
Double Detente 7a+/7b
Arabesque 7b+/7b
Fluide Magnetique 7b+/7b
karma 8a/8a+
Mister Dynamite 7b
Nouvelle Vague 7b/7b+

Soulmoves Süd 4.3 2011, DAV-Kletterzentrum Ingolstadt from Boulderwelt on Vimeo.

Das Finale der "Soulmoves Süd 4.0"-Serie am 12. November im DAV-Kletterzentrum Ingolstadt.

Soulmoves Süd 4.0 2011, Boulderwelt, München from Boulderwelt on Vimeo.


Am vergangenen Samstag ging es in der Boulderwelt mal wieder richtig rund. Die zweite Runde der diesjährigen Soulmoves Süd-Serie war zu Gast in der Boulderwelt.

355 begeisterte Boulderer freuten sich über 35 komplett neu geschraubte Boulderhighlights in der ganzen Halle. Um 10 Uhr ging es mit einem laufenden Start los. So wurde der erwartete Ansturm ein wenig entzerrt und die Athleten mussten den ganzen Tag bei fast keinem Boulder anstehen. Um 12 Uhr wurden dann alle Teilnehmer von Dave & Markus von der Boulderwelt-Kugel aus begrüßt und der Wettkampf offiziell eröffnet.

Sechs Stunden hatten die Teilnehemer Zeit die 35 Boulderprobleme zu lösen. Dies schaffte schließlich nur der Gewinner der Herrenwertung Benedikt Hirschmann. Zweiter wurde Sebastian Oppelt vor Christoph Gabrysch.
Bei den Damen setzte sich Isi Adolph vor Mona Kellner und Afra Hönig durch.

Ein besonderes Highlight war sicherlich der hängende Dodekaeder (Fußball) hinter unseren Haifischzähnen. Man musste sehr trickreich mit Händen und Füßen arbeiten, da sich die Kugel sonst einfach wegdrehte und die Griffe unhaltbar machte. Aber auch am Laufstart des 34. Boulder erfreuten sich vor Allem die starken Jungs. Sie merkten schnell das Kraft nicht alles beim Bouldern ist...

Die starken Frauen und Männer konnten dann im neuen Special-Event dem "Patagonia Face-to-Face Blockieren" zeigen wie kräftig der Bizeps wirklich ist. Im Duell-Modus mussten immer zwei Teilnehmer gegeneinander antreten und einarmig so lange am Steckbrett blockieren bis einer der beiden herunterfiel.
Der Blockiermaster bei den Männern war mit einer unglaublichen "meditativen" Leistung Routenschrauber Steffen Hilger (wahrscheinlich durch das viele Griffe festziehen in der Boulderwelt).
Beim "schwachen Geschlecht" haben sich drei Damen in die Finalrunde gekämpft. Und so schwach waren sie definitiv nicht! Sarah Schützenberger konnte als Gewinnerin fast 30 Sekunden einarmig blockieren und Isi Adolph nur wenige Sekunden weniger. Auch Biggi Eger machte ein sehr gute Figur! Da können wahrscheinlich 99% aller Jungs in der Halle nicht mithalten:-).

Durch den Feinschliff des Modus und die Highlight-Boulder wurde die zweite Runde der Soulmoves Süd Serie 4.0 zu einem riesen Erfolg für alle Teilnehmer.

Euer Boulderwelt-Team möchte sich bei allen Teilnehmer bedanken und freut sich schon jetzt auf die BFBS-Serie 2012 in der Boulderwelt.

Soulmoves Süd 4.1 2011, Café Kraft, Nürnberg from Boulderwelt on Vimeo.

Am vergangenen Samstag wurde im Nürnberger Café Kraft der erste Hauptgang vom dreiteiligen Soulmoves Menü serviert, der – wie üblich – Delikatessen in allen Schwierigkeitsgraden bot.

Die Boulder vom Schrauberteam MicDaveTomGerhardFelix boten alle Geschmacksrichtungen von süß bis delikat, wobei der Hauptteil der Region entsprechend fränkisch-deftig ausfiel.

Trotz bestem Wetter zogen 130 Matratzenkletterer an den Griffen, als gäbe es Gold dahinter zu finden.

Wir sehen uns bei den beiden verbleibenen Soulmoves-Veranstaltungen in München und Ingolstadt, power on!

Facing The Rock - Trailer from RiseMedia on Vimeo.

Facing The Rock is a film designed to showcase bouldering as an accessible sport, for all ages and abilities, as well as portraying the unique lifestyle surrounding it.

The film will be set in some of the UK's most stunning climbing hot-spots, and will be relevant for both experienced climbers and non-climbers alike, whilst promoting the welfare of the rock and surrounding areas.

We feel the general concept of the film will be a refreshing and unique change to what climbers are used to seeing in a bouldering film, and an exciting revelation for people who are new to climbing.

Full Film Coming Soon.

Climber - Barnaby Ventham

Directed, Produced & Edited by Katherine Assersohn & RiseMedia
Filmed by RiseMedia
Aerial Footage by HelicamFX

Hidden Orchestra – Antiphon
Written, recorded and produced by Joe Acheson.
Licensed courtesy of Tru Thoughts Ltd and Full Thought Publishing.
Taken from the album ‘Night Walks’


Alpine Bouldering - Summer 2011 - Louder Than 11 from Louder Than 11 on Vimeo.

Louder Than 11 would like to present a collection of rock climbs from the 2011 alpine bouldering season in Colorado.

In Order of Appearance:

Connor Griffith
Tim Keenan
Kevin Jorgeson
Jon Glassberg
Sarah Fullerton
Ryan Silven
Danny Ciavarro
Rich Crowder
Sean McColl
Herm Feissner

Featured Climbs:
Equitas (V7) - Mt. Evans - Area D
Golden Ice (V6) - RMNP - Hallet Boulder
Hernia (V12) - RMNP (FA)
Reternia (V11) - RMNP
Deep Dark (V6) - RMNP (FA)
Rhythm of the Saints (V11) - Aircraft Carrier - Second Ascent
Sloping Matters (V8) - Guanella Pass
Hydro Twist (V9) - RMNP
Potato Chip (V6) - RMNP
Pterodactyl (V12) - RMNP
Stinkbug Variation (V9) - RMNP
Stinkbug (V10) - RMNP
Power of Ten (V12) - RMNP
Leviathan Style (V12) - RMNP

Jon Glassberg
Jordan SHipman

Jon Glassberg

Motion Graphics
Jordan Shipman

Little Dragon - "Ritual Union"
Porter Robinson - "Less Go"
M83 - "Midnight City"
Wumpscut - "is It You"
Grimes - "Rasik"
Holy Ghost - "Some Children"
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - "Dance the way I Feel"

Produced by Louder Than 11
2011 All rights reserved

Free Whether you like it or not

Summer Tradeshow 2011 from BEAR CAM MEDIA on Vimeo.

First Ascents in RMNP with Ryan Silven from BEAR CAM MEDIA on Vimeo.

www.BearCamMedia.com. Presented by Five Ten & Organic Climbing. Upper Chaos, RMNP.
Problem List in Order of Appearance:
*Blood of Kaiser V10*
*The Shameless Pinch V6*
*Boots with the Fur V8*
*Gravel Pit V8*
*Notorious V9*
*Upper Bot V5*
*New Blue Blood V9*
All Ryan Silven First Ascents!!

Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Remix)
Big Boi - Kryptonite
Explosions in the Sky - Catastrophe and the Cure
Marty Party - FunkSoul

Whoopie w/ Jim Webb & Dan Woods from BEAR CAM MEDIA on Vimeo.

new problem in RMNP - upper chaos

Vital Climbing Promo-Director's Cut from Joe Ramos on Vimeo.

VCG from andrew press on Vimeo.

A taste of Vital Climbing Gym

Nina Williams Sends Two 10's in a Day from Beau Kahler Media on Vimeo.

Nina Williams crushes her first two V10's in one day in Joe's Valley Utah, Resident Evil and Fingerhut

The Sharp Edge. Hoyamoros 2011 Spain from Wild Country on Vimeo.

A new video from Talo Martin showing some of the amazing problems at Hoyamoros, in central Spain. Situated in a huge glacial bowl at 4000ft with a two hour walk in it's not everyone's idea of a bouldering venue - but becuase its stays cool even in the hottest Spanish summers (and due to the incredible venue and fantastic number and type of blocs) it's fast becoming a must go place.
Hoyamoros is situated west of Madrid.

Islands Trailer from Wild Country on Vimeo.

‘Islands: Traditional Tales of Lakeland Climbing’ is a three part film, giving an insight into the world of hard traditional ascents in the birthplace of rock climbing, the English Lake District.
This superb new movie is premiering at the Kendal Film Festival showing in the 'Climbing 2' slot and it's on at 9am and 1pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Overview - With sport climbing and bouldering gaining popularity, this film provides a deep and sometimes comical perspective on the great British trad climbing tradition. A sensitive and cinematic documentary film, that represents the Lakes and it’s characters in a simple and poignant way.
Featuring first ascents and hard repeats from Red Chili and Wild Country climbers Adam Hocking and James McHaffie as well more from the likes of Mike Przygrodzki and Stuart Wood and interviews with Dave Birkett and Leo Houlding. 'Islands' has been directed and produced by Dom Bush of Land and Sky Media.

Samsara from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

Il 25 luglio 2011, Adam Ondra riesce nel giro di poche ore a salire per primo e "a vista" alcune delle più difficili vie sportive della Valmalenco, tutte situate nei dintorni di Campo Moro in alta Val Lanterna (parete della Diga di Alpe Gera, falesia della "Terrazza" a Campo Moro e falesie del Rifugio Zoia).
Full length version is here

I Believe I can Fly ( flight of the frenchies). Trailer from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

This feature documentary was shot last summer.

The entire 40 minutes version will be available on 11.11.11 at 11 a.m for download on my video blog www.sebmontaz.com.

You're welcome to watch 14 minutes of the final film on www.sebmontaz.com.

I have been filming the Skyliners on an incredible exploration into the world of free flight.
Tancrède, Julien, Seb and Antoine are pioneers in ‘highlining’ - a vertiginous combination of climbing, slackline and tightrope walking.

We travelled from our home in Chamonix to our training ground in the Verdon gorge, testing the limits for our ultimate goal...
We rigged highlines on the skyscrapers of Paris, and finally came to the spectacular cliffs and fjords of Norway.

Months of training led the Skyliners team to attempt their dream of complete freedom... the freedom of flight !

More about the Skyliners team: facebook.com/​pages/​Skyliners/​270006826367436

My Face Book page: facebook.com/​pages/​Seb-Montaz-Video-blog/​149892381710213

Director/Editor: Sébastien Montaz-Rosset
Sound design: by talented Michael Denny www.michaeldennymusic.com/​

Song used: The Rural Alberta Advantage. Frank, AB
Download the album/track here: www.amazon.com/​Frank-AB/​dp/​B002A60FN4


I Believe I can Fly ( flight of the frenchies ). Free segment from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

Hey Outdoor Lovers,

We would like to offer you this excerpt from our feature documentary -

A 40 minutes Feature documentary will be available on 11.11.11 at 11 a.m for download on my video blog www.sebmontaz.com.

Highlining pioneers Tancrede and Julien have come to the spectacular and atmospheric cliffs of the norwegian fjords to try and turn their ultimate dream into reality.

The talented pair have cemented their friendship over the past years exploring the sport of highlining, from the heights of the alps to the skyscrapers of Paris.

They now prepare to take their sport in a totally new and radical direction.
Join this unique group of friends on their journey to discover the true meaning of freedom.
Where living simply, laughing, having fun and exploring new places are all essential ingredients in their voyage into the unknown.

Proceeds will go towards the Frenchies' next exciting adventure.

My Face Book page: www.facebook.com/​pages/​Seb-Montaz-Video-blog/​149892381710213

More about the Skyliners team: www.facebook.com/​pages/​Skyliners/​270006826367436

Director/Editor: Sébastien Montaz-Rosset
Sound design: Michael Denny www.michaeldennymusic.com/​

Music kindly offered by

Uddhava www.facebook.com/Mattouaki

Drunksouls www.drunksouls.com


Behind the scene " I Believe I can Fly" from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

The trailer of my feature documentary "I Believe I can fly ( flight of the frenchies ) will be online soon.
Here is a short behind the scene shot last august in the beautifull norwegian fjords of Kejrag.
created with After effects.
On that particular sequence, we were dancing Capoeira together with my friend Tancréde who did a Makako before jumping.
Join our unique group of friends on a journey to discover the true meaning of freedom.
Where living simply, laughing, having fun and exploring new places are all essential ingredients in our voyage into the unknown.
it is one of the numerous crazy actions you can watch in a segment of the documentary at www.sebmontaz.com.

My Face Book page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Seb-Montaz-Video-blog/149892381710213

More about the Skyliners team: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Skyliners/270006826367436

Director/Editor: Sébastien Montaz-Rosset

Video Tutorial: use of a steadycam for outdoor sport filming. from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

My philosophy for actions sports filming could be " Light is right", only take what you need and nothing more.
This portable steadycam is a nice piece of gear I am using a lot for different outdoor sports.

More to come on my Blog soon with dedicated video tutorial : www.sebmontaz.com

escalade: climbing iZ not, épisode 1 from iaki on Vimeo.

1er épisode de la série "climbing iZ not", réalisée par des amateurs. Nous tenterons de réaliser et publier régulièrement des épisodes si ce concept plait.
Le tournage du n°2 a lieu samedi 16/07.
Une page fb est dédiée a la série( https://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/ClimbingiZnotlaserie ) , un petit "j'aime" ou un commentaire sera pour nous une belle récompense.
Un channel viméo est aussi dédiée à la série: http://www.vimeo.com/channels/climbingiznot

Merci et amusez vous bien ;)

Escalade: Climbing iZ not, épisode n°2 from iaki on Vimeo.

2ème épisode de la série "Climbing iZ not"

Une page fb est dédiée a la série( facebook.com/​?ref=home#!/​ClimbingiZnotlaserie ) , un petit "j'aime" ou un commentaire sera pour nous une belle récompense.
Un channel viméo est aussi dédiée à la série: vimeo.com/​channels/​climbingiznot

Merci et amusez vous bien ;)

Escalade: Climbing iZ not, épisode n°3 from iaki on Vimeo.

3ème épisode de la série "Climbing iZ not"

Une page fb est dédiée a la série( facebook.com/​?ref=home#!/​ClimbingiZnotlaserie ) , un petit "j'aime" ou un commentaire sera pour nous une belle récompense.
Un channel viméo est aussi dédiée à la série: vimeo.com/​channels/​climbingiznot

Merci et amusez vous bien ;)

Escalade: Elia Besombes, 7b+ from iaki on Vimeo.

Tout petit clip sur l'ascension de "défi à la mondanité, 7b+" par Elia Besombes. Il s'agit principalement pour moi d'un exercice de montage, pour travailler les ralentis, les effets lumineux, la synchronisation avec la musique et un peu la couleur

Escalade: Céline Fergeau, 7c, à vue from iaki on Vimeo.

Céline Fergeau a eu la gentillesse de me laisser la filmer pendant l'ascension, à vue, de "Intervalle Dissonnant" un 7c en traversée, à Autoire, dans le Lot (46).
Cétait un vrai défi pour moi (bien moins physique que celui de Céline) car "à vue"=only one shot! et quand on connait pas sa caméra, c'est chaud :)

Prise de vue: jvc gy hm100
montage: Edius pro 5.5

Escalade: Autoire Disco Day IIIème édition from iaki on Vimeo.

3ème édition du "Autoire Disco Day", qui a eu lieu le 24 septembre 2011. Humour, grimpe, deconne et contest étaient au rendez vous de cette journée.

Escalade: climbing is disco from iaki on Vimeo.

Un reportage sur un nouveau concept de grimpe à découvrir et à partager sans modération.

La qualité est dégueulasse (j'ai du beaucoup compresser pour le mettre ici :s) Cependant, l'histoire me fait beaucoup rire et j'ai pris un plaisir fou à créer ce scénario avec l'aide de Christophe Bellin et Francois Tournois.

Bref c'est aussi,après ca, la fin des images de mauvaise qualité, now c'est tout en HD ;)

Amusez vous bien!

Swiss Bouldering 2011 - part 1 - a Beast from the East with a Rotherham Ranger meet the Guests from the West from Robin Müller & Dawid Skoczylas on Vimeo.


Un ange avec des cornes 8a+/8b
Harry Spotter 7a


Vitruvian Man 7c flash
Komilator 8a
Autopilot 7b+
Le Vent Nous Portera 7c+
Souvenir 8a/a+

Swiss Bouldering 2011 - part 2 - a Beast from the East with a Rotherham Ranger meet the Guests from the West from Robin Müller & Dawid Skoczylas on Vimeo.


Bogalooga 8b
Ping Pong Boulder 7c
Kiss Me 7c
Powerstrips 7c flash

Magic Wood:

Octopussy 8a
Down Under 7c+
Sofa Surfa 8a/a+
Sofa Surfer Direct 8b
Super Nova 7c/c+ Flash

Enzo Oddo working Jungle Boogie with Sterling Rope from sterling rope on Vimeo.

Enzo Oddo is one of the young and very talented climbers from Southern France. At only 16 years old he is consistently climbing 9a and 9a+ routes. Enzo is leading the way for the new generation with his fearless efforts on some of the hardest projects like Jungle Boogie in Ceuse, France.

Enzo devoted himself to this project for weeks with no avail, which is just part of the game when it comes to such high end climbing. He knows that we fail a lot and we only succeed sometimes, but that is what makes our efforts so satisfying.

Watch as Enzo pushes himself and his Fusion Nano 9.2 on the still un-climbed project called Jungle Boogie.

Check out his team bio - http://www.sterlingrope.com/team/67/412

This video is our third release in the ongoing series filmed and edited by Joey Kinder that asks the best climbers in the world why they have chosen Sterling Rope.

Joe and his girlfriend Collette travel the world and live ‘the climbing life’! In this video series he captures the passions of his fellow climbers and not only learns about their common drive for climbing but also other creative pursuits in their life.

Look for the next episode featuring Joe Kinder as he and Colette turn the lens from Kinder the filmmaker back to Kinder the climber!!!!


Season of the Sun from Sendaholic on Vimeo.

A Sendaholic produced home video, showing a group of climbers who travel north to climb in cooler temperatures during the infamously hot Phoenix Summers.

Featured Songs:
'Night Time' by the XX
'Sackcloth in Ashes' by Small Leaks Sink Ships
'White Owl' by Josh Garrels
'Midnight in a Perfect World' by DJ Shadow
'Wide Eyes' by Local Natives

Men's Results
1. Jakob Schubert AUT
2. Sachi Amma JPN
3. Ramón Julian Puigblanque ESP
4. Manuel Romain FRA
5. Magnus Midtboe NOR
6. Sean McColl CAN
7. Jorg Verhoeven NED
8. Gauthier Supper FRA

Women's Results
1. Kim Jain KOR
2. Angela Eiter AUT
3. MinaMarkovic SLO
4. Magdalena Röck AUT
5. Akiyo Noguchi JPN
6. Sasha DiGiulian USA
7. Johanna Ernst AUT
8. Barbara Bacher AUT

Adaptive Climbing Clinic with Ronnie Dickson - Joshua Tree, CA from Louder Than 11 on Vimeo.

A Louder Than 11 Production
Feature article in Urban Climber: http://www.urbanclimbermag.com/

Produced by
Ronnie Dickson

Directed by
Jordan Shipman

Video by
Jon Glassberg
Jordan Shipman

Edited by
Jordan Shipman

Music Supervision
Jon Glassberg

Special Thanks to
Sterling Rope
Black Diamond
Athletes with Disabilities Network
Inner Passage Guiding Service
Mountain Khakis
Organic Climbing
Paradox Sports
Challenged Athletes Foundation 
Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates
Damon Corso
Ben Hirschfeld
Matt Walker
Jeff Erenstone
Tracii Haynes
Mason Daly
Pete Davis
Buck Branson

"Cut and Run" by Kevin MacLeod
"Finding the Balance" by Kevin MacLeod
"House Of Trance" by Pete Calandra & Scott P. Schreer

Free. Whether you like it or not.
Copyright © 2011 Louder Than 11, LLC.
All rights reserved.

Sumba Boulder 2011 from Cláudio Brisighello on Vimeo.

No primeiro fim de semana de Outubro de 2011, mais de 120 escaladores de todo o Brasil se reuniram em um novo point na região de São Bento do Sapucaí. Uma grande confraternização para todos, incluindo um desafio na rocha em formato inédito, com os melhores atletas do país.
On the first weekend of october 2011, more than 120 climbers from all over Brazil gathered at a new area around São Bento do Sapucaí. A great celebration including an open competition on rock, with the country´s best athletes.


Yet Another Rocklands Movie - Summer 2011 from Boulderkeskus on Vimeo.

A whole bunch of climbers from Finland got together in June 2011 and headed all the way down to South Africa to the legendary Rocklands Boulders. Here is a highlight reel of some of the problems they crushed during their stay...


D.VELOPED - 2 soul 4 your mom

Aether - Cycle of a Poem

Hike - Moon Patrol

Sunshine & Irony - Misplaced Innocence and a Bunch of Words

BD athlete Paul Robinson bouldering 8B+ and 8C first ascents near Cape Town, South Africa from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Black Diamond athlete Paul Robinson spent a couple months down in South Africa, developing a slew of new problems just outside of Cape Town. Robinson had the cameras rolling on all his major 8b+ and 8C first ascents and has edited together this epic film of the footage. There's some seriously impressive climbing in the film, along with some insightful commentary from Robinson, so sit back, get comfortable and enjoy watching one of the world's top boulderers crush his craft.

Mathieu Bouyoud climbing the "Ali baba" famous climbing route at Aiglun, Southern France with the new Millet Yalla climbing shoes. More info on the Millet blog: http://blognews.millet.fr Discover the new Yalla climbing shoe on www.millet.fr

Mejcup Bouldersession 2010 from Mr. Mejcuppuccini on Vimeo.

Choose your way up! :)

Stone Fort Triple Crown 2011 from Zachary Lesch-Huie on Vimeo.

A short one from the 2011 Stone Fort leg of the Triple Crown Bouldering Series. Highlights include bouldering and post-comp party on the 18th hole; Jimmy Webb's first ascent of Palm Beach; sketchy belly flop top-outs; Baby Ella crushing two slab lines; and more.

Thanks to Triple Crown for supporting climbing access in the southeast, and for opening up the 18th hole boulders at Stone Fort. Montlake Golf Club also deserves a huge thanks for allowing climbers to enjoy these incredible boulders.

Also, this video would not have happened without Far From Home Productions' generous technical assistance.

AVS Boulderfestival Brixen 2011 Flic from Berni Kogler on Vimeo.

Der Alpenverein Südtirol präsentiert das Boulderfestival der Extraklasse. Mit besonderer Unterstützung der Stadt Brixen

Mit dabei Adam Ondra, Kilian Fischhuber, Anna Stöhr, Daniel Woods und viele mehr.

Film&Cut: Berni Kogler
Kamera: Berni Kogler, Christian Url
Interview: Bia Grabner

Sponsoren: Sportler, Edelrid, Alpenstoff, DOB, Bank The Future

Rock climber, Carlo Traversi, talks about how he conquered some of the roughest boulders in the US and Switzerland and how dangerous a climb can be.

5,000 Miles - Part 1: Leavenworth, WA from BLOCHEAD on Vimeo.

The first segment from our 5,000 mile bouldering road trip. Leavenworth, WA Problems in order of appearance: Drugstore Cowboy V3 The Hourglass V7 Sitting Bull V3 Resurrection V8 Gatorade Bowling Balls V4 Goicoechea V9 The Real Thing V4 The Sail V9 The Footless Traverse V5 Sunny and Steep V2 Busted V8 God is in the Details V12 Music: Aaron Ross - Sidewalk Anthem Black Moth Super Rainbow - Rollerdisco Flying Lotus - Massage Situation Emancipator - Lionheart Stay tuned for Part 2: Northern California coming soon!

5,000 Miles - Part 2: California Summer from BLOCHEAD on Vimeo.

The second installment of our 5,000 mile bouldering road trip.

Problems in order of apperance:

Tahoe Area:
Donner Summit Arete V1
Rainbow Face V6
Sugarcube V4
Roadside Arete V8?
Snowshed Arete V3
Black Wall V2
Nazgul V10
Soul Train V10
Midnight Train V7

Tuolumne Meadows:
Flakes V1
Golden Rastafarian V6
Kauk Problem V5

The Nashville Teens - Tobacco Road
J Dilla - Let's Take it Back (Instrumental)
Dan the Automator & DJ Shadow - Ganges A Go-Go
Take - Dream Suite (feat Dutch Massive)
Hudson Mohawke - Overnight

Stay tuned for Part 3: Black Mountain coming this fall!

5,000 Miles - Part 3: Priest Draw from BLOCHEAD on Vimeo.

The third installment of the 5,000 Miles Project. Shot over two weeks while camping and bouldering in Priest Draw, Flagstaff, AZ.

Canon 5D Mark ii
Canon 7D
24-70mm f2.8L
28-135mm f3.5

Problems in order or appearance:
Triangle Arete V0
Bad Ass V5
Cosmic Tricycle V10
Bat Roof V3
Carnivore Direct V9
Warm Up Boulder V0
Wife Beater V7/8
The Receptionist V10
Anorexic V6
The Girl From Ipanema V11
She Lives V6/7

Music in order of appearance:
Big Bill Broonzy - This Train (Bound For Glory)
Take - After Words
Mick Harvey - Out of Time Man
Trouble - Beat Konducta

Special Thanks:
Seagull Climbing
All the friendly Flagstaff locals for beta and psych!

5,000 Miles - Part 4/4: Joe's Valley from BLOCHEAD on Vimeo.

The fourth and final installment of the 5,000 Miles Project. Shot over two weeks in Joe's Valley, UT.

Canon 5D Mark ii
Canon 7D
24-70mm f2.8L
28-135mm f3.5

Problems in order or appearance:
The Angler V2
Bad Genes V3
Smoothie V5
Dirty Harry V7
Vertical Ice V6 (Flash)
Playmate of the Year V9
Isosceles V4 (Flash)
Stir the Pie V8 (Flash)
Worst Case Scenario V9 (Flash)
Big Cheesy V5
Godsend V9 (Flash)
Shadow of Death V6
Ghost King V11
Dunkin Donuts V10 (Flash)

Music in order of appearance:
Wugazi - Sleep Rules Everything Around Me
Emancipator - Rattlesnakes (saQi Remix)
Take - Fall In Love Again
Emancipator - Ares (Big Gigantic Remix)
Bob Dylan - Song to Woody

Special Thanks:
Seagull Climbing
All the good people we met along the way.

Thanks for watching!

Nazgul Stand & Wick's Problem (Attempts) from BLOCHEAD on Vimeo.

A peek at our respective projecting efforts at the Saddle Boulders, Donner Summit, CA

Captain America V9, Black Mountain, CA from BLOCHEAD on Vimeo.

Isaac Palatt making an early ascent of the newly added Captain America V9, in Black Mountain, CA.

Stay tuned for a full Part 3 of our 5,000 miles project featuring problems from Priest Draw, AZ

The Beta - Alabama Spring from Andrew Kornylak on Vimeo.

The Beta #12: Alabama Spring

Tyler Willcutt cranks out 3 Horse Pens 40 classics, HP40 owner Mike Shultz poses a challenge for all would-be southern strongmen, and don't miss a rare sighting of the elusive Adam Henry.

Tyler's organization The ACTION Fund will be selling the food and drinks at the Triple Crown Horse Pens 40 competition, and the money raised will go directly to replacing old bolts and hangers throughout the Southeast. Somebody's gotta do it!

ACTION is one of the many direct-action local climbing organizations that the Triple Crown helps to fund.


Music - Connor Moore www.cmooresound.com

Västervik International Boulder Meet 2011 from Shawn Boye on Vimeo.

Watch Anthony Gullsten, Guntram Jörg, Chris Webb Parsons and Alex Puccio send some of Västerviks finest boulder problems during the Västervik International Boulder Meet 2011, Västervik, Sweden. Featuring More Than One Way To Skin A Cat 8A, Storm 8A, Goofhead Variant 8A+, The Hourglass Sds 8B, The Office Sds 8A and Namaste 8A+.

Västervik Climbing from Shawn Boye on Vimeo.

Västervik has been praised by many climbers around Sweden. The varied landscape with its many rocks and boulders has much to offer both novices and experienced climbers. We accompanied former national team climber Stefan Rasmussen on a trip across hard granite and some rough terrain.

Tomorrow I Will Be Gone from Outcrop Films on Vimeo.

"Tomorrow I Will Be Gone" is Outcrop Films' début feature length film. Set in the sandstone paradise of Rocklands, South Africa, the film follows a selection of Britain's finest boulderers on their trip, grappling with the best the boulders have to offer. Watch mega classics & Nicole testpieces such as Golden Shadow and Black Eagle.

No interviews, no nonsense, just climbing.

Featuring Micky Page, David Mason, Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, Lucinda Whittaker, Sam Whittaker, Scott Gibson, Grant Bateman, Andy Banks, Richard Sharpe and Nick Brown.


and some footages presented by Outcrop FIlms.

Black Shadow from Outcrop Films on Vimeo.

My Battle with Black Shadow 8a+, 6 sessions over nearly as many weeks. My Rocklands favourite and a personal milestone.

Five Ten Product Showcase: Girls on Tour from Outcrop Films on Vimeo.

A day at Stanage testing new boots with Five Ten UK athletes Katy Whittaker, Mina Leslie-Wujastyk and Shauna Coxsey.

For more information on the new range of Five Ten shoes visit:




Problems climbed include

Not to be taken away Font 6c
Crescent Arete Right Hand Font 6c+
Help the young Font 7a+
The Green Traverse Font 7a
Brad Pit Font 7c


A Simple Thing by Ripperton
Sandbox by Ripperton
We Will Become Silhouettes (Postal Service Cover) by The Shins

Ben's Roof from Outcrop Films on Vimeo.

A short video of Jon Partridge climbing Ben's Roof, Font 7c+ at Raven Tor in the Peak District.

Jon is a member of the British Bouldering Team and is sponsored by Beyond Hope - the UK distributors of Evolv, Prana and Metolius.

Music: Hostile by Swarms

A Day At High Rocks from Outcrop Films on Vimeo.

A warm day at High Rocks near Tunbridge Wells in the south of England. Top British boulderer Jon Partridge manages the 4th ascent of Chimaera. The ethic in this area is to top rope or solo, leading is too damaging for the delicate sandstone.

Honeycomb, 6b+
Crosstown Traffic, 7b
Chimaera, English 7a or Font 7c+

Summer is Champion by Laura Veirs
July by Natty

Jon is a member of the British Bouldering Team and is sponsored by Beyond Hope - the UK distributors of Evolv, Prana and Metolius.

A nice day in Swiss from neil hart on Vimeo.

Last weekend I was given a pass from the wife for a weekend away, It had to be Swiss, I last went to cresciano and brione 5 years ago, and after watching several videos I was keen to go back, My main mission was fake pamplemouse in brione, after spending the whole day on it, ready for the send it started raining :(

With only 2 days of climbing, I decided to head to cresciano to try La grotte des soupirs, right up my street, big holds big moves, Got there and did it in just a few tries, so I was happy (sorry about the edited footage as there were about 20 people around the cave and trying to get them all to move is a pain)

My next mission for the day was vitruvian man in chironico, this was a route I wanted do after seeing it all those years ago, unfortunately it rained the night before and then during the day was hot and sunny, so the holds on the lip were too greasy to hold the swing, so I decided just to enjoy the area and climb some nice 7a's and also matusalem, I saw this on a video and had to go climb it, its amazing, super steep with really good holds.

I had a great days climbing, and can’t wait to get back there and finish of the 2 routes I wanted to climb

Hope you enjoy my little video :)

Cat Empire - Two shoes

Matusalem 6c+ chironico
Hopper 7a chironico
Urtigrutten 7a chironico
La Grotte des soupirs 7c+ Cresciano
Swinger club 7a+ chironico
Fake pamplemousse 8a Brione

Shot with:
Canon 550d

BD athlete Nalle Hukkataival bouldering in Fontainebleau, France from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Black Diamond athlete Nalle Hukkataival ventured to the iconic blocs of Fontainebleau, France in early 2011 and pulled off a string of impressive ascents during his stay. Here is a highlight reel filmed and edited by Alvi Pakarinen that brilliantly captures Nalle sending Karma (8A+), Elephunk (8B), L'Apparemment (8B), the stunning dyno of Rainbow Rocket (8A)—to name just a few. After all of Nalle's masterful sendage, you'll want to watch the last 2:30 of the video were Nalle (jacked ankle and all) endures failure after failure after failure on La Puce, a one-move-wonder 8A dyno that has him ass-stacking over and over again until, well... watch for yourself and enjoy.