CCC Designer Route Series - Vikki Weldon from Walson Tai on Vimeo.

Calgary Climbing Centre
Designer Route Series with Vikki Weldon

The Designer Route Series is a carefully crafted climbing route designed from scratch by a professional climber specificatlly for the intermediate level CCC member. The pro climber starts with a concept that inspires them, goes to our shaping room, and selectively creates custom crafted climbing shapes to be molded into beautiful holds. These holds are then casted into colours of the building blocks of a CCC Designer Route. The pro climber then designs a route that can convey thier inspiration.

Vikki Weldon has inspired many people around the world with her climbing, writing, and photography. What captivates me the most about Vikki, is not just her remarkable strength and fluid movement, but her exceptional kindness and dedication to everyone she meets in this community. She is my real life hero. If I could go back in time, I would want to be just like her.
When she is not being interviewed, photographed, or on video in climbing magazines and movies, then she is usually writing articles for them. In her spare time, she climbs...really well! There are very few women on this contentinent that are as good in competitions, as they are sport climbing on rock. Vikki Weldon is no exception! The shear number of times she steps on the podium after a competition vs. her number of hard climbs is outstanding.
Vikki now resides in Vancouver balancing her study in nursing, and climbing.
The Designer Route by Vikki Weldon can be found at the Calgary Climbing Centre Stronghold rope #16 - Blue is 10c/d and Yellow is 11a.

Calgary Climbing Centre C3 Classic Chinook Location Nov. 4 2011 from Walson Tai on Vimeo.

Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, routes setters, and Simon Villeneuve. It feels good to be back hosting competitions again!

CCC GPA from Walson Tai on Vimeo.

A quick look at what the team is up to this year with performance testing.

The Eminem Show
Till I Collapse

Tour de Bloc Nov.15 Comp Calgary Climbing Centre from Walson Tai on Vimeo.

A brief look at the Calgary Climbing Centre's Tour de Bloc bouldering competition from a organizers perspective. Interviewing the organizer, route setters, and competitors on how they feel about competing, the event, and what they expect in finals.

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