The boys in Bleau

The boys in Bleau from neil hart on Vimeo.

This video contains a lot of not very nice behaviour, so only watch if you don’t get offended...

Last weekend the boys from back home came to visit, it was good to see them as we don’t hook up that much now I live over here, it was almost an orc part 4 but a calm injured orc does not make for interesting video ;)

But the weekend was amazing, 3 days of glorious weather and to top it off a fast send of Karma by a very young happy Barny, good effort mate.

I made this video for them as a little thank you, see you guys soon, hopefully an uninjured Mr. Searle.

Eclipse 7c
Bizzare, Bizzare 7a
Bizzre Bizzare assis 7a+
Toit de cul de chein 7a/6c+
Modular 7b+
Double Detente 7a+/7b
Arabesque 7b+/7b
Fluide Magnetique 7b+/7b
karma 8a/8a+
Mister Dynamite 7b
Nouvelle Vague 7b/7b+

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