Alpine Bouldering - Summer 2011 - Louder Than 11 from Louder Than 11 on Vimeo.

Louder Than 11 would like to present a collection of rock climbs from the 2011 alpine bouldering season in Colorado.

In Order of Appearance:

Connor Griffith
Tim Keenan
Kevin Jorgeson
Jon Glassberg
Sarah Fullerton
Ryan Silven
Danny Ciavarro
Rich Crowder
Sean McColl
Herm Feissner

Featured Climbs:
Equitas (V7) - Mt. Evans - Area D
Golden Ice (V6) - RMNP - Hallet Boulder
Hernia (V12) - RMNP (FA)
Reternia (V11) - RMNP
Deep Dark (V6) - RMNP (FA)
Rhythm of the Saints (V11) - Aircraft Carrier - Second Ascent
Sloping Matters (V8) - Guanella Pass
Hydro Twist (V9) - RMNP
Potato Chip (V6) - RMNP
Pterodactyl (V12) - RMNP
Stinkbug Variation (V9) - RMNP
Stinkbug (V10) - RMNP
Power of Ten (V12) - RMNP
Leviathan Style (V12) - RMNP

Jon Glassberg
Jordan SHipman

Jon Glassberg

Motion Graphics
Jordan Shipman

Little Dragon - "Ritual Union"
Porter Robinson - "Less Go"
M83 - "Midnight City"
Wumpscut - "is It You"
Grimes - "Rasik"
Holy Ghost - "Some Children"
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - "Dance the way I Feel"

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