Enzo Oddo working Jungle Boogie with Sterling Rope from sterling rope on Vimeo.

Enzo Oddo is one of the young and very talented climbers from Southern France. At only 16 years old he is consistently climbing 9a and 9a+ routes. Enzo is leading the way for the new generation with his fearless efforts on some of the hardest projects like Jungle Boogie in Ceuse, France.

Enzo devoted himself to this project for weeks with no avail, which is just part of the game when it comes to such high end climbing. He knows that we fail a lot and we only succeed sometimes, but that is what makes our efforts so satisfying.

Watch as Enzo pushes himself and his Fusion Nano 9.2 on the still un-climbed project called Jungle Boogie.

Check out his team bio - http://www.sterlingrope.com/team/67/412

This video is our third release in the ongoing series filmed and edited by Joey Kinder that asks the best climbers in the world why they have chosen Sterling Rope.

Joe and his girlfriend Collette travel the world and live ‘the climbing life’! In this video series he captures the passions of his fellow climbers and not only learns about their common drive for climbing but also other creative pursuits in their life.

Look for the next episode featuring Joe Kinder as he and Colette turn the lens from Kinder the filmmaker back to Kinder the climber!!!!


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