Women's final results: 1. Jain Kim (Korea) 2. Mina Markovic (Slovenia) 3. Katharina Posch (Austria) 4. Mathilde Brumagne (Belgium) 5. Maja Vidmar (Slovenia) 6. Angela Eiter (Austria) Men's final results: 1. Sean McColl (Canada) 2. Sachi Amma (Japan) 3. Jakob Schubert (Austria) 4. Romain Desgranges (France) 5. Urban Primozic (Slovenia) 6. Jorg Verhoeven (Netherlands)

Sean McColl - Winner of Climbing WC Kranj 2011 from Žiga Janež on Vimeo.

Fast and efficient climbing was the best recipe for winning Climbing World Cup Kranj 2011.

Sean at his official website: "I took home a gold medal. It’s the first for me in a world cup and it was definitely one to remember."

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Jain Kim - Winner of Climbing WC Kranj 2011 from Žiga Janež on Vimeo.

Jain Kim from Korea climbing in finals for her victory in Kranj 2011.

She has almost reached the top of the route. Definitely technical climbing worth a Victory.

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Mina Markovic @ IFSC Climbing Worldcup (L) - Kranj (SLO) 2011 from Žiga Janež on Vimeo.

Mina Markovic winner of IFSC Climbing WC 2011, climbing in finals at World Cup Kranj 2011.

With 2nd place at Kranj še won IFSC Climbing Worldcup Lead 2011 before the final competition which will be held in Barcelona . Mina was first after Semi Finals. The Winner of Kranj 2011 is Jain Kim from Korea.

Filmed with Canon EOS 60D & EFS 18-200mm thanks to Canon Adria.

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