Boulder Men
1 Fischhuber Kilian 1983 AUT 4t9 4b5
2 Schubert Jakob 1990 AUT 3t3 3b3
3 Gelmanov Rustam 1987 RUS 3t6 3b6
4 Glairon Mondet Guillaume 1986 FRA 3t8 4b8
5 Sharafutdinov Dmitry 1986 RUS 3t11 4b12
6 Hori Tsukuru 1989 JPN 1t6 3b9

Boulder Women
1 Kim Jain 1988 KOR 3t5 3b4
2 Stöhr Anna 1988 AUT 2t4 4b7
3 Le Neve Melissa 1989 FRA 2t4 4b9
4 Noguchi Akiyo 1989 JPN 2t6 3b8
5 Markovic Mina 1987 SLO 5169 1t1 3b3
6 Puccio Alex 1989 USA 8654 1t6 4b9
■Boulder World Cup 2011 report - Milano

Jain Kim and Kilian Fischhuber were the winners of the first Boulder World Cup of the 2011 season in Milano. I kept the report rather short since I already uploaded most of the individual boulder problems, still, the split screens really give so much more information about the route setting but also about the technique of the competitors! As usual, check out for all additional info and for "behind-the-scenes" reports.
■IFSC Bouldering&Speed World Cup - Milano - 2011

Highlights of the Bouldering and Speed World Cup in Milano (ITA)

■BWC 2011 Milano F Male 2







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