■The Impossible Traverse

The Impossible Traverse from ByronWolter on Vimeo.
It has been seven years since the hardest climb in the bay area(The Impossible Traverse) has seen an ascent. Brian Hedrick, setter for Touchstone Gym and Bay Area superman sets out for the second ascent.
■Iron Monkey and the Impossible Traverse

Iron Monkey and the Impossible Traverse from ByronWolter on Vimeo.
This one is not new but I am putting high quality replacements online to update them for everyone. I wasn't satisfied with the quality of the previous versions.
■The Fall

The Fall from ByronWolter on Vimeo.
Stay StokeD! I am still working this thing to the bone. My birthday challenge kind of got in the way. No worries, lets create this thing!
■The Kraken

The Kraken from ByronWolter on Vimeo.
Brian Hedrick, Bay Area Rocker, sends the Kraken (v11/v12), at Berkeley's infamous Mortar Rock.

He ran this thing like three times for me because i couldn't get the composition right, I need to get it together duder.

Another couple cool videos Brian and I collaborated on: http://vimeo.com/21701627

Climbing - Brian Hedrick

Camera/Comp Collab - Brian Hedrick

Main Camera, Editing, Coloring, and Titles - Byron Jordan Wolter, Wolter Byron, Byronian Wolterias.

Music - www.feeplaymusic.org

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