[Gym] Thresh Hold climbing Gym


■Thresh Hold climbing gym

Thresh Hold climbing gym from Brady Bluhm on Vimeo.

Thresh Hold Climbing & Fitness Centers. Promo Video.
Film / Edit: Brandon Wall

■Threshold Sesh

Threshold Sesh from Swine Spitters on Vimeo.

Friday sesh at Threshold.

■Thresh Hold climbing gym: Boulder Beta – V7 Day Off

Bouldering Beta - Day Off from Brady Bluhm on Vimeo.

Joe Yun set this problem on his day off (hence the name of the problem) and it is one of the favorite climbs in Thresh Hold at the moment. Dom sent the problem 4 times in the making of this video and was pumped by the time we finished shooting. Follow Dom's beta, come in to the gym and give it a try!

Music: Yuppy Hipster by Eastern Conference Champions

■My Sport: Rock Climbing - Bouldering

Whoop Whoop!
Yup i first started to climb about two months ago, and now im a V4 climber already! PROUD!

My gym is Thresh Hold Rock Climbing Gym

Google any indoor rock climbing gyms in your area, and try it out! Its SUPER fun, and easy to start out!

Extra footage:

thanks for watching guys!
Comment what you tink!
ND Titan Lady
■EX: My Sport: Rock Climbing - Bouldering

weee extra footage!
- full betas (successful or not lol)
- silly things i do with my climbing crew at my gym!
■Thresh Hold Dyno Comp

Thresh Hold Dyno Comp from Brady Bluhm on Vimeo.

Thresh Hold's First Annual Dyno Comp was a huge success and a blast. Everyone loved the problems that were set and the finals were intensely close! Hope you've liked the video and can't wait until this years comp! I know I can't!

music: Hysteria - Muse

■Spandex Monday

Spandex Monday from Brady Bluhm on Vimeo.

Once a month, ThreshHold Rock Climbing Gym has a special event called Spandex Monday where anyone that comes in wearing Spandex gets to climb free! Wear the tightest stuff you've got and come join us in some skin tight climbing!

Music: Paper Planes by M.I.A.

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