■Welcome to Font

Welcome to Font from Savage Climbing on Vimeo.

Our first video from font!

■Four Font Classics

Four Font Classics from Savage Climbing on Vimeo.

Four classic lines from Fontainebleau

■Five 7's from Font

Five 7's from Font from Savage Climbing on Vimeo.

■Font April 2010

Font April 2010 from GCW on Vimeo.

Crap vid sorry.
Mike, Baz, Rick, BeardyBeast, GCW, Blob 1 in France.
I didn't get much footage mostly due to problems getting done very quickly. Bit duff really.

■France 1- Fontainebleau 1

In 2004, Antoine Seguin and myself went on a three month Eurotrip. Our main goal was to explore France various bouldering areas. Of course, there was no other place to start but Fontainebleau. So we spend the first 2 weeks in the Magic Forest, climbing with our buddies from the Southeast (who have plenty of experience on sandstone).
music by JMDLP

Adam Henry on El Poussah
Cooper Robert on le Faux Baquet
Chris Tartaglia on Le Lepreux Direct
Antoine Seguin on La Baleine
Cooper Robert on Sale Gosse
■France 2 - Fontainebleau 2

The second part of that first stay in Fontainebleau.
The song is J'ai Mal by Agonie Da MC

Antoine Seguin on Strappal
Hunter on Gravitron
Tom Peckitt on Hyper Tension
Jaima on Syphilisse
various climbers on Le Poid des Soupirs

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