Grão de Bico


■Grão de Bico

Grão de Bico from NorteBouldering on Vimeo.

It may be a block synthesis of a whole area? If yes, for the Horn of nozzle block is the Chickpeas.

High, hard, brittle and high quality level of the movement. These are the main characteristics of this block and are also the characteristics of the Horn of Spout. By the type of prey is the most common régletes and crystals.

Four arrested in four meters and a handful of crystals in the output are enough to climb to the top of this block, which also has a unique feature: lift your foot off the ground is already hard a desperate situation and that attests to the purity of the line itself .

The Boot on two opposite régletes is explosive, but compensated with the arrival of prey, a handle, which is not worth much to stop because it follows a dynamic one that is perfect réglete must run in deadpoint . Having won the réglete reaches to the exit, which negotiates with crystals well separated from each other, a situation already well air. A folding hard decision and thus mark the end of this block anthology. An entire program to a block chained open and as always the great explorer of the area: Julio Braga. SM

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