■Boulder WC 2010 report #4 - Moscow

Moscow - what an adventure! Not the comp, that was organized really well at a nice location in a huge parc. But getting there and back through this 9-30 million people (nobody knows) Moloch was interesting for most teams! Routesetting was okay with an emphasis on sharp crimps, favoring climbers with a long reach. Adam Ondra has a long reach and made it clear from round one on that Moscow 2010 would be his first Bouldering World Cup victory. Nobody could touch him on most of the problems.

With the girls it was much more diverse again. We saw a Natalija Gros that smoked all the others in the qualification round and somehow had lost it all the next morning in the semifinals. For Chloé Graftiaux it went just the other way around with one of her worst performances in the first round and a second place in the finals. Talking of the girls finals, they were downright confusing with winner Anna Stöhr, Chloé and the again amazing Ja-In Kim all having their different weak and strong moments in different problems. (It would have helped if the organizers had used their impressive LCD panels for making things clear, but, I guess you can't have it all, impressive panels AND information.)

At the end, it was all good though with Anna securing her first World Cup victory of the year. Because of the parc location there was a huge audience and the finalists had to sign lots of autographs for the enthusiastic crowd!
■Worldcup Moskou Vera Zijlstra 2010

■Worldcup Moskou 2010 Casper ten Sijthoff

Worldcup Moskou 2010 Casper ten Sijthoff kwalificatie en halve finale

IFSC Worldcup boulderen Moskou Wouter Jongeneelen

■Jonas Baumann zum Thema IFSC DAV Boulder-Weltcup am 31.07.2010

Jonas Baumann zum Thema IFSC DAV Boulder-Weltcup am 31.07.2010 in München. Sportlicher Höhepunkt des Outdoor Festivals im Olympiastadion München am 30.07.+01.08.2010 wird der DAV Boulder-Weltcup mit dem Finale am 31. Juli 2010, auf den Vail Boulder-Worldcup Sieger Jonas Baumann (www.jonasbaumann.de) im Rahmen einer Pressekonfernez im Juni 2010 einen Ausblick gab.

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