Men’s Final Results
1. Kilian Fischhuber AUT 4t5 4b4
2. Daniel Woods USA 4t6 4b5
3. Francois Kaiser FRA 3t5 4b4
4. Dmitry Sharafutdinov 3t7 3b3
5. Thomas Caleyron FRA 3t8 4b9
6. David Barrans GBR 1t1 4b11

Women’s Final Results
1. Akiyo Noguchi JPN 4t6 4b5
2. Anna Stöhr AUT 4t8 4b7
3. Melissa Le Neve FRA 3t6 4b6
4. Juliane Wurm GER 2t4 3b5
5. Anne-Laure Chevrier FRA 2t7 3b10
6. Petra Klingler SUI 1t1 2b2

■Boulder World Cup 2011 - Eindhoven

It's Kilian and Akiyo, once again. At the new outdoor venue - in the square designed by Massimiliano Fuksass - Kilian Fischhuber (AUT) beat Daniel Woods (USA) by 2 attempts to send all boulders in the final round, while the French François Kaiser steps in third place with 3 problems completed.
In the women's field, Akiyo Noguchi, from Japan, claims back the first place by sending the four final boulders by the routesetter Jamie Cassidy in 6 attempts, against Anna Stöhr's 8 attempts. Melissa Le Neve (FRA) got the bronze medal with 3 tops out of 4.
Fischhuber is now leading the World Cup Ranking 2011 with 409 points, while Dmitry Sharafutdinov follows at 366; despite Noguchi's victory, Stöhr is still at the top of the women's ranking for 2011 with 540 points, against Noguchi's 429.
■IFSC Bouldering World Cup - Eindhoven- 2011

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