Why We Climb Trailer from Viper Studios, Inc. on Vimeo.
This is the Trailer to the upcoming short documentary Why We Climb.

Directed by Jason Nower


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From Climberism Magazine...
Everyone knows there is a lot of pain and suffering involved with climbing — ridiculously tight shoes, horrible food, heavy gear, long approaches. Waging wars with the natural environmental and tackling hurdles when the hands of god himself squeeze ever last droplet of liquid from your body is the hard reality of climbing sometimes.

What inspires us to climb is different for everyone, but somehow we find common ground that connects us to the sport we love — the memories, the adventure, the growth, near misses with death. Jason Nower says he created the small documentary — Why We Climb — to highlight the “Deeper purpose of climbing within people’s lives.” The short trailer does a good job at creating something we all experience when we climb, a connection with ourselves and the people we climb with. “I don’t expect any one to answer the question “why do we climb?”, because I don’t know anyone that knows. But rather the answer to the question is the documentary, something that is more than words, or a sound bite; to give the audience an experience I believe is the best answer to such a question. ”

So what makes you a climber? When did you realize it and how did you feel once you made the connection? We challenge you to answer these questions and determine what made you a climber and why!

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