The Passion

The Passion from 45degrees on Vimeo.

The Passion is a boulderingfim including three different crags in Austria. The Zillertal, the Felbertal and the Silvapark near Galtür.

It shows ascents of:

Pitbull 8A (V11), Spirit 8A+ (V12), Pressure Drop 8A, Electra Extension 7C (V9), Bad Chemnist 7C+ (V10), Unterholz8 8A, Milewskycrack 7C+, The Super Tera-O-Mega Project 8A+, The Riddler 8A+/B (V12/13), Clockwork Orange 7C+/8A (V10/11), Incubator 8A+/B in the Zillertal

Libre soft 7C+, Twisted Moonlight 8A, Defender of faith 7C+/8A in the Felbertal

and Pretty Belinda 8A+ trav., Zwiederwurzn 8A in the Silvapark.

Our goal is to share our motivation for bouldering outdoors. We guess it is the best thing that climbing offers and hopefully some of you will try it for the first time after watching the film. But remember that keeping the nature clean is very important cause we all do not want to annoy other climbers and residents.

Thanks for watching. Keep on crushing and we are always happy about feedback.

First Ascent Zillertal from 45degrees on Vimeo.

The Video includes the first ascent of "B-Unit" 7B in Zillertal, Zillergrund Wald.
The problem is located on the back of the "Clockwork Orange" bloc.

The Crew & Friends from 45degrees on Vimeo.

A short video to introduce the 45 degrees crew and our friend Lukas Bolesch

It includes ascents of "Fake Pamplemousse", "Monsterball", "Never ending story part II", "La grotte des soupris", "Supernova", "Vitruvian man" and Serre moi fort

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Freezing Time in Font from 45degrees on Vimeo.

Nice soft problems in the wood of Fontainebleau.
Sleeping in the car is not recommended with -15 degrees.

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