■Better Than Chocolate // Trailer

Better Than Chocolate // Trailer from Haroun Souirji on Vimeo.

Better Than Chocolate is a movie about bouldering in Switzerland.

"Why Switzerland? The answer is pretty simple. Fontainebleau aside, it probably has the largest concentration of bouldering areas in Europe and arguably the best gneiss rock anywhere. Also It is the land of many historical ascents including first 8B, 8B+ and 8C (Fred Nicole).

The idea for Better Than Chocolate was to simply remind us that climbing is our way to enjoy life rather than emphasis performance or trying to "look cool". Still, in term of performance, Better Than Chocolate delivers with first ascents and repeats up to 8C boulder.

Staring Michele Caminati, Paul Robinson, Robert Leistner, Julia Winter, Chris Webb Parsons, Anthony Gullsten, Olivier Mignon, Jule Wurm, Anton Johansson, Antoine Eydoux and Fred Moix. Guest appearance by Fred Nicole. Shot on location in Magic Wood, Chironico, Cresciano, Brione and many more areas.

This is my first feature film (and also Belgium's first bouldering movie) and it was shot entirely with homemade cinema gear. I hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as i enjoyed making it."

-Haroun Souirji

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Music is "Rigid Breakfast" from

■Better Than Chocolate : quick peek

Better Than Chocolate : quick peek from Haroun Souirji on Vimeo.

Just to keep the motivation going! No colour correction, no full boulders, just some footage!

65% filmed. This is only a handfull of the boulders and areas filmed. I am aiming for almost 50 boulders / 15 climbers and 10 areas.

Climbers / boulders / Spot in order:
- Anton Johansson / Riverbed 8B / Magic Wood
- Robert Leistner / Rhythm and Stealth 6C (E6, the pads on the ground are big pads...) / Magic Wood
- Olivier Mignon / Foxy Lady 8A / Magic Wood
- Antoine Eydoux / Steppen Wolf 8B / Magic Wood
- Clemens Arndt / Borderline 7A / Chironico
- Paul Robinson / Ill Trill 8C / Magic Wood
- Julia Winter / Astronauten Fiber 8A / Magic Wood
- Julia Winter / Dark Side of the Moon 7C+ / San Gottardo
- Michele Caminati / The Never Ending Story 8B+ / Magic Wood
- Jule Wurm / Kalorien Monster 7C / Magic Wood
- Clovis Matton / Grotte des Soupirs 7C+ / Cresciano
- Clements Arndt / Never Ending Story 6B+ / Cresciano
- Robert Leistner / Permanent Midnight 8B / Fionnay

Music is: Limelight from Apparat

With the support of Mammut

Thanks for all the kind comments here and on other websites!

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