■CTNPCD: HP40 Edition Part 1

CTNPCD: HP40 Edition Part 1 from adam johnson on Vimeo.

Climbs in order; Cuts like a knife (intro) (V5), Slush Puppy (V4), Redneck (V6), Eight Ball (V2), Genesis (V3).

■CTNPCD: HP40 Edition Part 2

CTNPCD: HP40 Edition Part 2 from George Evans on Vimeo.

Climbs in order: Getcha Some (V6), The Wasp (V2), Boomslang (V6). Part one is available on Adam Johnson's Vimeo http://vimeo.com/user5919787 or on adamjohnsonphoto.com and huckleberrygeorge.blogspot.com

■CTNPCD: HP40 Edition Part 3

CTNPCD: HP40 Edition Part 3 from adam johnson on Vimeo.

Part three of three of climbs that normal people can do: HP40 edition. Problems featured (in order): Hammerhead (V5), Orange Slice (V3), The Thespian (V3), and Honky Tonkin' (V4). adamjohnsonphoto.com

If you missed part 2. Here it is:


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