Men’s Results
Daniel Woods – $1,500
Vasya Vorotnikov – $750
Brian Kim – $250

Women’s Results
Francesca Metcalf – $1,500
Sasha DiGiulian – $750
Tiffany Hensley – $250

■2011 Dark Horse Championship & Behind the Scenes

2011 Dark Horse Championship & Behind the Scenes from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.

Highlights of the 2011 Dark Horse Championship and some behind the scenes with Dave Wetmore and Josh Larson! Thanks Metro Rock!

The Dark Horse Bouldering Competition started out as a small community organized event that has taken off and become an East Coast sensation. As the name implies, the competition was designed around the idea that a "Dark Horse competitor" can come from the shadows and win a big competition and make some big cash. That is still a very real possibility but when you have 10 of the best men and women in bouldering at your "local comp" the likelihood that a dark horse will arise as champion is even more unexpected! And that is what makes it so much fun to watch...

■Dark Horse Series Championships 2011

Dark Horse Series Championships 2011 from Julian Rodier on Vimeo.

a sick battle at metrorock boston feb 5 2011

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