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Towers of the Ennedi: Mark Synnott, James Pearson and Alex Honnold are the first climbers to explore a remote desert landsape stacked with wild unclimbed towers.

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■CLIP Chad Behind The Scenes

CLIP Chad Behind The Scenes from Camp 4 Collective on Vimeo.

Our crazy first year as a production team ended with a wild adventure to document the first ever climbing in the remote Ennedi desert of Chad, Africa. After 4 days and 800km of following a GPS coordinate on a roadless wasteland we found ourselves among thousands of beautiful unclimbed towers.

Tim http://kemplemedia.com/, Jimmy http://jimmychin.com and I http://rockmonkeyart.com all have a lot of experience in expedition storytelling from the high himalaya to the jungles of Borneo but this trip redefined 'remote' for all of us. We were so psyched to collectively push our gear and creativity with our athlete friends at http://thenorthface.com.

Besides the knife fights with the locals and a few lenses lost to the sand things went pretty smooth. We were able to run our entire work flow without a generator using http://goalzero.com solar and battery setups. It was also our first time shooting the motion time-lapse setup on the http://kesslercrane.com pocket dolly which was the secret weapon in so many ways.

A director's cut of the final film "Towers of the Ennedi" will screen at http://www.5pointfilm.org/ at the end of April before the full premier at http://www.mountainfilm.org/ at the end of May!

Thanks for checking out this tid-bit. Cheers, ~renan

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