A Bouldering Ohana

A Bouldering Ohana from Blackfish Production on Vimeo.

Bouldering brings people together in many ways; whether it be challenge and camaraderie or the need for exploration and adventure. This film charts the rise of bouldering as a legit presence on the Hawaiian Islands and the ohana of dedicated people that are are making it grow. Shot over two months in the Hawaiian Islands by Eddie Raburn and Aaron Schmidt, this film introduces Justin Ridgely as the pioneer of the Hawaiian bouldering movement, along with fellow senders Hiro Watanabe, Nancy Khanh Nguyen, and Matt Lutey. We would also like to acknowledge all the other climbers from Volcanic Rock Gym for helping make this film a success. Next time your in Honolulu look them up. With any luck you might get invited out to the Green Boulders...

Featuring music by:
Rho - www.musicofrho.com
Kristin Hersh - www.kristinhersh.com
Kiely Rich - www.soundcloud.com/kielyrich
Broke For Free - www.brokeforfree.com
Holy Coast - www.myspace.com/geminicricketband
Break Science - www.breaksciencemusic.com

Produced, Filmed and Directed by
Eddie Raburn (www.blackfishproduction.com)
Aaron Schmidt (www.blackschmidtphotography.com)

Additional Cinematography by
Viviana Rivera (http://vivianarivera.com/)

Editing by
Aaron Schmidt

Special Thanks To:
Volcanic Rock Gym - www.volcanicrockgym.blogspot.com
Paul Myers, Kieth Anderson, Kevin Ford, Eric Potter, Adam Foley, Susan Bloom, Karin Stellwagen, Samy's Camera, and Brooks Institute

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