■Mallorca Psicoblog One "Testing The Waters"

Mallorca Psicoblog One "Testing The Waters" from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

This is the first North Face "Psicoblog." These short videos will chronicle North Face Athletes Cedar Wright, Alex Honnold, Emily Harrington, Matt Segal, and James Pearson pushing their limits on the wild sea cliffs of Mallorca. The climbing here is known as "Deep Water Solo," or "Psicobloc" climbing and involves climbing ropeless on cliffs as tall as sixty feet with nothing but the swirling ocean below to catch your fall. This has to be one of the most thrilling and pure forms of climbing I have ever experienced. This episodes capture my initial impressions of the area, while I wait for the rest of the team to arrive!! I will create about ten of these short videos from the field in Mallorca. Hope you enjoy them!! Cedar Wright.

■Mallorca Psicoblog 2 "Taking the Plunge"

Mallorca Psicoblog 2 "Taking the Plunge" from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

So Emily Harrington has arrived on the scene and gotten here first tumble in the rinse cycle! She crushed some routes and whipped off some routes...and generally had a good time yesterday. This blog captures here first moments on Mallorca's wild sandstone, and also features my jump off the top of the 60 foot Diablo wall...with a camera!!! Alex Honnold, and James Pearson just arrived, so stay tuned for more climbs...and whippers with this all star North Face cast!!!

■Mallorca Psicoblog 3 "The Whole Crew"

Mallorca Psicoblog 3 "The Whole Crew" from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

The North Face Team members Matt Segal, Emily Harrington, and Alex Honnold share their impressions of the climbing paradise that is Mallorca. Alex Honnold finally takes a whipper into the ocean!!!

■Mallorca Psicoblog 4 "Super Soaker"

Mallorca Psicoblog 4 "Super Soaker" from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

The fourth installation of North Face's live from the field "psicoblog" dispatches features the team exploring Mallorca's wild stone and introduces our newest arrival here in Mallorca, James Pearson.

■Mallorca Psicoblog 5 "The Weather Man"

Mallorca Psicoblog 5 "The Weather Man" from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

This short video in the Mallorca psicoblog series produced for The North Face, follows James Pearson, and Alex Honnold up a committing roof climb over the sea. This route is called The Weather Man, and a bad fall at the wrong time could mean a fifty foot belly flop....or worse!! Mallorca is truely a deep water soloing paradise, but at certain moments, high above the water, and pumped out of your mind, there can be trouble and terror in paradise! Hope you enjoy these short from the field dispatches! Shot with HMC 150, GH1, and produced on a Macbook with FCP.


PSICOBLOG 6 "DEEP BLUE" from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

This is the Sixth Mallorca Psicoblog for The North Face, and features exploration of the inner and outer reaches of Mallorca's wild limestone cliffs. Matt Segal serves up some action and crushes the gnar....Hope you enjoy!!!



In this the seventh installment of the North Face Athlete "Psicoblog" we follow James Pearson and Alex Honnold as they attempt to climb a huge roof over the roughest seas of the trip so far. James takes a god-awful whipper onto his back and draws blood!! Wow!!

■Mallorca Psicoblog 8 "Fire or Water"

Mallorca Psicoblog 8 "Fire or Water" from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

As The North Face Team wraps up their fun, action, and whipper filled trip to Mallorca, James Pearson and Alex Honnold take it to the next level and climb a sick 13d with the crux fifty feet above the Mediterranean Sea!!! Stay tuned for two more "Psicoblogs," and be sure to check out The North Face Athlete Blog, http://www.neverstopexploring.com/ as well as my personal blog for some cool behind the scenes stuff!! http://verticalcarnival.blogspot.com/ Cheers, Cedar.

Vertical Carnival Dispatches

PSICOBLOG 9 "CORAZON DE MALLORCA" from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

If you are lucky enough to experience the extreme pleasure of a deep water soloing sojourn to Mallorca, there is a good chance you will meet deep water solo pioneer, Miquel Riera, a veritable living legend. Miquel is one of the coolest guys you could ever hope to meet, with an undying psyche for climbing, women, and partying. I followed Miquel around one day for a trip off the beaten path. This was perhaps the most intimidating day of the trip with rough waters and virgin rock!!! Enjoy the latest Psicoblog. Cheers. Cedar.

■Mallorca Rappel How To

Mallorca Rappel How To from Tim Kemple on Vimeo.

Alex Honnold describes what it takes to get off the shot in Mallorca, but things don't go quite as planned.

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