■TRINITY 2 Evolution Trailer

TRINITY 2 Evolution Trailer from Flo Murnig on Vimeo.

Is it Evolution when the East meets the West to combine two different cultures or is Evolution just the theory of intelligent design? Is Evolution useful or just a stupid try to get off from the trees and again start climbing anyway?

The two Tyrolean Dani Eder and Andi Mölk meet together with Berni Fiedler from Vienna. They are giving answers about these questions in a way they can do it best. The will climb the Evolution to find even more harder and the most beautiful lines. A great journey to the most hidden spots in the valley of Zillertal, to classic and extremely hard moves from the forests of Vienna and to the gigantic Greece bouldering island Tinos will start in December 2008.
We are sending projects, repeating classics and finding new lines. What is else to say except that you can get your own piece of Evolution this December?
Maybe we would like to mention the release party on December 11 together with the Climax Release Party #4 at the Wiener Badeschiff and on 20th of December at Kulturkeller in Leoben. The Trinity 2 Evolution movie is supported by Ocún, Prana, Climax and Vertical Extreme.

You can order the DVD at trinity.dynamo.at NOW.

Film by Flo Murnig, OUT NOW and READY for ORDERING.

■TRINITY 2 Evolution - Tinos Teaser

TRINITY 2 Evolution - Tinos Teaser from Flo Murnig on Vimeo.

Short Teaser from the Tinos Trip. We made the shots in October 2008 for the TRINITY 2 Evolution Movie. The DVD will be out soon.

■TRINITY 2 Evolution powered by Makava

TRINITY 2 Evolution powered by Makava from Flo Murnig on Vimeo.

A short clip from the upcoming TRINITY 2 Evolution DVD with Andi Mölk sending the first ascent of Restless Respectless at Zillertal Austria.
Go ahead and visit the MAKAvA Website at www.makava.com.

■TRINITY Bonus - Mike Huber on Zillertal Classics

TRINITY Bonus - Mike Huber on Zillertal Classics from Flo Murnig on Vimeo.

Mike Huber is climbing some really classic Boulder Problems in this Video. It will be Bonus on the TRINITY 2 Evolution DVD.
This Video is supported by VerticalExtreme.de

■Let's put a Smile on that Face

Let's put a Smile on that Face from Flo Murnig on Vimeo.

I cleaned this amazing line and made the first ascent. It can be found in Tinos, Greece. Huecos on sandstone.
The clip is part of the Trinity 2 Evolution climbing video which will be out in Dezember 2008.

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