■Paul Robinson Mandala Direct Assis (V14) First Ascent

Paul Robinson Mandala Direct Assis (V14) First Ascent from on Vimeo.

Paul Robinson completing the First Ascent of the Mandala Direct Assis (V14) at the Buttermilks outside of Bishop, CA.

■Dave Graham - 2nd Ascent of The Mandala
Dave Graham doing the second ascent of Chris Sharma's 'The Mandala' at the Buttermilks in Bishop, CA. This is from way back in 2002.
■The Mandala V12 - Bishop

The Mandala V12 - Bishop from Savage Films on Vimeo.

Alex Savage climbs the Mandala in Bishop, CA.

■Lisa Rands climbs The Mandala V12
Lisa Rands doing the first female ascent of Chris Sharma's The Mandala, a V12 in Bishop, CA's Buttermils
■Mandala sit start Tony Lamiche
tony lamiche sending the mandala first ascent sds
■Randy Hill

Randy Hill: THE MANDALA from Louder Than 11 on Vimeo.

Randy Hill murders the iconic Mandala V12 in Bishop, CA off the couch....DAMN!

■Jorg Verhoeven

The Mandala from jorg verhoeven on Vimeo.

An icy ascent of the Mandala sitstart V13
Buttermilks, Bishop (CA) USA

■Ethan Pringle Sends Mandala Sit (v13/14)

Ethan Pringle Sends Mandala Sit (v13/14) from Rock Warrior Films on Vimeo.

Uncut footage of Ethan sending Mandala Sit.

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