Retour aux Sources - Fontainebleau 2012 from davsck on Vimeo.

The odd Fontainebleau holiday video. This was my third time in the forest and we had some really nice days. Conditions were perfect. As in every bouldering trip, the list of things to do just gets longer and longer and I'm already looking forward to returning to the source of bouldering.

Climbers & Filming
Markus Jantscher
David Schickengruber

David Schickengruber

johnny_ripper - "opening credits"

johnny_ripper - "sans soucis"

Records On Ribs - "Four, Floss, Five, Six"

Learning Music - "Ghost Transference"

Fontainebleau 2010/2011 from davsck on Vimeo.

A Video from our Bleau-Trip during the holidays of 2010/2011.

We spent most of the time in Apremont due to very humid conditions. Boulders appearing in this video: L'Innommée 5c, Hyper Plomb 7a, Clin d'Œil 7a, Jérémiades 6c, Jérémiades assis 7a+,
Fleurs de Rhum 7a+, Égoïste 6c+.

Thanks to Marcus, Matthias, Stefan and Tom!

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