Hueco Trip 2010 from Yolanda Chen on Vimeo.

Team Saucisson sets out on yet another adventure! We left the cool and crisp Mid-West and landed in the warm and sunny town of El Paso, TX for a four day bouldering trip to Hueco Tanks. Scott and Christian were the only ones to have previously experienced the bouldering in Hueco. The rest of us were astounded to see what Hueco had to offer. The boulders, some the size of school buses, others the size of skyscrapers, are pocked with millions of huecos, created during a magma eruption 35 million years ago. This creation offered us boundless classic lines - highballs, caves, name it! We were like kids in a candy store for four days, savoring in the beauty that surrounded us every chance we got.

Credit to Quentin Tarantino film "Kill Bill" and the movie soundtrack for the inspiration in the creation of this parody.

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