Louder Than Eleven - Winter Edit from Louder Than Eleven on Vimeo.

Louder Than Eleven is made up of climbers. We are passionate individuals who love our jobs and go out bouldering as often as we can. This winter, LT11 shot a variety of footage that never made it into a specific production. This edit is a collection of random video shot in Colorado and New England and features some of LT11's favorite people.

Danny Ciavarro
Rob D'Anastasio
Sarah Fullerton
Jon Glassberg
Connor Griffith
Josh Larson
Greg Mionske
Eli Nogueira
Jordan Shipman
Ryan Silven
Dave Wetmore

Danny Ciavarro
Sarah Fullerton
Jon Glassberg
Alton Richardson
Ryan Silven

Jon Glassberg

Diplo - "Express Yourself Feat. Nicky B."
Wale - "Nike Boots"
Cage - "The Void"
Midi Matilda - "Day Dreams (MyKill Remix)"

MS13 Training Arete (V8)
David Bowie (V10)
Off the Books (V11)
Animal (V8)
Smoke on the Water (V7)
Closet Climber Low (V9)
Koyaanisqatsi (V11)
The Owl's Lair Project (V11)

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