Trying Hard - Bouldering in Bishop 2012 from David Heerema on Vimeo.

In August 2011 I began a one year leave from my job in Canada and started travelling. We visited Bishop in March 2012 as the last stop of our U.S.A. part of the trip.

This was my 5th trip to Bishop but the first time having Leanna with me. The scenery, mountains, and climbs were even better than I remembered. We're done with bouldering for a little while; sadly that part of our road trip has come to an end.

(0:00) Mandance V11
(1:53) Jug-Start to Acid Wash Right V7
(2:32) World, Shut your Mouth V2
(3:35) Paranormal in the West Country V1
(5:06) Cholos V9
(5:55) Chysler Crack V0

Roll up on you like XLII - XLII
Put it down - Look Like
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