■Gregor Pierce, Mark Heal, and Max Zolotukhin

A Maze of Death from Louder Than 11 on Vimeo.

Gregor Pierce, Mark Heal, and Max Zolotukhin all climb A Maze of Death, a classic technical V12 dihedral at the Bardini boulders in Bishop, CA.

■Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson Sending A Maze Of Death (V12) from ClimbingNarc.com on Vimeo.

Paul Robinson sending A Maze Of Death (V12) at Bishop, California's Bardini Boulders.

■Emi Moosburger

maze of death in the snow... from emi-moosburger.blogspot.com on Vimeo.

epic ascent of maze of death in february 2009, the crux was getting down from the top ;D

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