Winter trip to Joe's Valley 2011 from Ivo Penchev on Vimeo.

Couple of weeks ago Rob D'Anastasio and I made a trip to Joe's Valley in Utah. We could only spend about 11 days there. The climbing during the first week was amazing, sunny days with mid 40's and cold nights. We managed to climb and try bunch of good boulders. The weather got a bit worse after it snowed one night. There was barely any snow, maybe half of an inch, but the temps got to below 30 so the snow did not melt on the shady sides at all. The motivation to stay warm and climb hard was not as easy anymore so some of us were barely even climbing. During my stay I had some time to take video and photos of the trip.

Photos here:

Music by:
Emalkay - When I Look At You
Mt Eden - DnB Chasing Shadows
Mt Eden - Dubstep - Gambler HD MEDS EP
Nero - Act Like You Know (Dubstep Mix)

Boulders in the video include:
Playmate Of The Year | V9
Skeleton Key | V11
Black Dahlia | V10
Gentleman's Project | V11
Kill List | V11
Godsend | V9

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