■Interview with Kilian Fischhuber

Pietro Dal Pra interviews the boulder champion Kilian Fischhuber at La Sportiva factory in Ziano, Val di Fiemme (TN).

■La Sportiva ambassadors part 2: video interview to Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra interviewed by Pietro Dal Pra during the first atlethes day at La Sportiva headquarter in Ziano di Fiemme (TN).

■La Sportiva ambassador's part 3: Angela Eiter

Angela Eiter, La Sportiva ambassador, interviewed by Pietro Dal Pra during the first atlethes day.

■La Sportiva ambassador's part 4 - The Pou Brothers coming soon

Iker and Eneko Pou: official interview's trailer. The complete interview by Pietro dal Pra is coming...soon!
Check www.lasportiva.com/magazine for all the la sportiva ambassadors' interviews.

■La Sportiva ambassadors part 5: Jerome Meyer

Time to know better the climber Jerome Meyer, member of La Sportiva's ambassadors team

■Eneko & Iker Pou double interview!

Pietro Dal Pra make some funny question to the Pou brothers! Climbing, lifestile and more on this double interview by La Sportiva!

■La sportiva ambassadors part 7: Cody Roth

Interview with Cody Roth, member of La Sportiva ambassadors.

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