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■Try Harder Trailer

Try Harder is a documentary film that examines the philosophy of effort. That being said, there is a strong emphasis on incredible human feats and comedy. This film is by the athletes, for the athletes and the industry.

This film is NON-PROFIT, that is, all the proceeds will go to the athletes in the film.

Donations are welcome and sponsorship is also welcome. Please contact Try Hard, Ltd. at: noah@tryhardclimbers.com for more information on sponsorship. To donate to this film, and therefore directly to the athletes in this film, please send a check payable to Try Hard, Ltd. of any amount to:

Try Hard, Ltd.
1506 Deseret Dr.
Minden, NV 89423

(Please give a name or business to list in credits, or anonymous.)

This film will not be released until 2011.

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