Bouldering in Sweden

■Bouldering (rock climbing) at Tjugekull in Sweden

Bouldering (rock climbing) at Tjugekull in Sweden from Erik Fors on Vimeo.

Short clip when Toby sends Apindex 7c and some test-shots put together. First try with AE and Magic Bullet Looks, alot to learn! Cut in Premiere CS4 and filmed with Panasonic gh1 with kit 14-140mm lens.
Music: The Sea, Moorcheeba and Powerman, The Kinks.

■Welcome to Gaisenjarga!

Welcome to Gaisenjarga! from Erik Fors on Vimeo.

250km north of the artic circle we find good friction, midnight sun and mosquitoes.

Gaisenjarga is a relatively unexplored bouldering area north of Kiruna in Sweden with 500 problems set up but with a potential far beyond that.

This is my first film-project and a short introduction to Gaisenjarga. Everything shot with GH1 (hacked C-settings)+kit lens, sorry for the quick-fix subtitles.

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