■Swanky Swizzy

Swanky Swizzy from Savage Climbing on Vimeo.

During a four month stay in Europe this year, Les Warnock and Alex Savage lived in Bellinzona, Switzerland for five weeks to explore the bouldering of Ticino which is home to some of the finest granite blocs in the world. Check out our adventures as we see what the bouldering of Ticino is all about. This short film (16 min) features everything from 8B boulder problems to the tallest unguided bungee jump in the world!

Featured problems are:
Chironico: No Mystery, Electric Ant, and Arete with a Pocket
Cresciano: il Partner
Brione: Atlantis, Fake Pamplemousse, Molunk, Bach Bloc, and Vecchio Leone

TicinoはこのNalle Hukkataivalのビデオもチェック!

■Nalle Hukkataival bouldering in Switzerland

Nalle Hukkataival bouldering in Switzerland from Boulderkeskus on Vimeo.

Nalle Hukkataival bouldering in Ticino, Switzerland. This is a clip from a bouldering film called Could Be Worse. Check out the full film here: vimeo.com/8382230

Boulders in this video:
Special Edition, 8A
Ninja Warrior, 7C+ FA
Walker on Earth, 8A
Conquistador, 8A+

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