The Big Bang 9a, 2nd Ascent, by James McHaffie, Lower Pen Trwyn, North Wales. from Wild Country on Vimeo.

A short film by Chris Doyle about Wild Country and Red Chili climber, James McHaffie's historic 2nd ascent of The Big Bang 9a on Lower Pen Trwyn, North Wales.
So after 15 years of trying someone finally gets it done (this is a route that eluded Moffat and Moon) and in this video (not the actual ascent) James takes us through a blow by blow account of the route which has some of the nastiest 'rat crimps' (his words) in the business.
The video also shows Caff on Pas De Deux 8a+ another LPT crimpfest.
Best known as a trad climber James shed a load of weight and stopped drinking for far too long to get this done...Read more about James here...

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