One Month in Paradise from Boreal Video on Vimeo.

Nacho Sánchez and Rebeca Morillo in Rocklands (South Africa).

Take off your shoes 5c
Pinotage 7C+
In the middle of the Ass 8A
Tis is Africa 7C+
Hole in One 7C+
Kings of Convenience 8A
Black Velvet 8A
Lolita 7B
Black Shadow 8A+
The Quintessential 8B
Sweet Potato 7B
Shosholoza 8A+
Oral Office 8A+
The Amphitheatre 8A+
Ron Ron diagonal 7A
Leopard Cave 8A+
Royksoop 8A
Red Meat 8B
To Siemay 6C+
Au Bord de L´eau 8A
Nutsa 8A+

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