Tour Of Classics - The High Country from dalton hilfinger on Vimeo.

Amped to bring y'all this!!! Filmed in late 2011 and early 2012 in Western NC.

Amy Morrison
Brian Capps
Dalen Gray
Dalton Hilfinger
Taylor Mcneill
Leanna Lockhart
Mike Stam

Druid Roof V7
Bedaphile V9
Don Johnson V11
Senderella Sit V12
Black Crack V12
Room With a View V10
Flagyl V10
Jason Lives V9
Not My Problem V9
Bertha V9
Kratos V12 - attempt
Politician Stand V5
There Be Monsters Here V5 - First Ascent

Bonobo - Kiara
Supervison - Arcane
The Knux - Fruits
Kanye West - Power
(Paper Diamond Remix)
Sir Charles - Granular

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