Wideboyz at Shaff Expert Night - featuring the 'Crack Machine' from Wild Country on Vimeo.

Having dispatched the hardest offwidth crack in the world, Century Crack E9/5.14b and survived, the Wideboyz (Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker) have been busy lecturing across the UK to packed houses about their experiences. But to really show off their incredible skills properly Wild Country decided that it would be fun to build a portable offwidth - the same width as Century Crack - to help to demonstrate the 'Wide Pony' technique (and much more) that they used on that amazing ascent.
And remember the video of the epic journey to Century and beyond, filmed by HotAches will be available in Autumn 2012.
In this trailer for the lectures the boys show off and use the crack machine for the first time, tell their tales and let unsuspecting members of the public loose on it.
A fantastic night was had by all thanks to Matt Heason at Shaff - and the full Shaff festival is this weekend remember - and thanks also to RAB for their support and Sterling ropes who sponsor Tom and Pete too.
Finally massive shout to Highball climbing who built this fantastic wall...!!!!!!!

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