■EYS 2009 European Youth Series Munich

EYS 2009 European Youth Series Munich from Deti on Vimeo.

Massive climbing power in Thalkirchen: Europe's best youth climbers rock the house in Munich!

For the third time in a row now the German Alpine Club DAV hosts a European Youth Series competition: After Leipzig 2007 and Wuppertal 2008, the DAV is proud to stage the 2009 competition highlight at September 11.-13. in Munich. In cooperation with the local DAV sections München-Oberland and the climbing site Thalkirchen the DAV is looking forward to more than 200 competitors from 20 countries that will compete in both lead and speed climbing. Many locals who start for the DAV sections Munich-Oberland will also take part in the competition and will hopefully guarantee for a terrific atmosphere among the spectators. The DAV invites all climbing freaks to watch the competition and to be part of the first international competition ever in Thalkirchen. The action on the walls will be world-class: Many of the youth climbers (aged 14-19) are already successfully climbing in the Senior World Cup.

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