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■"Pra Caramba" Trailer

"Pra Caramba" Trailer from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

My film "Pra Caramba" Will be premiering at the The Adventure Film Festival in Boulder Colorado. Here is a teaser.

■"Samsara" trailer
Samsara Wins Best Overall Film

"Samsara" trailer from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

In the heart of the lofty, knife-sharp Vindhya Mountains in India sits a 6,500-foot rock and ice route that resembles a massive shark fin and rises from the ocean of crags. This fin, which is twice as long as anything on El Capitan and just as steep, has denied many notable climbers from reaching its summit.

In Samsara Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk set out to attempt a first ascent. The film is woven together with art, journal excerpts and still photography. Produced by the athletes, Samara is an unfiltered perspective into a powerful Himalayan climbing experience. The team spends 20 days of life on the cliff face with ten days of food through major storm cycles on a hanging platform smaller than the size of a single bed. They push to the very edge of what they thought possible and rediscover why they are drawn to suffer in such sacred and beautiful places.

Here's the thing: The sacred peak, Meru, is said in mythology to be the center of the universe, but can you climb to the center of the universe?

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