■Tommy Caldwell
Midnight Lightning

Midnight Lightning from Deep Roots Media - Dane Henry on Vimeo.

This is a featurette I did for National Geographic Adventurer & a photo manipulation software product called Photosynth. As a passionate rock climber I was very excited about doing this project and working with everyone involved. All still photos are by Corey Rich & much thanks goes out to Tommy for climbing the boulder problem a ton of times in less than ideal conditions. If you have every climbed in Yosemite Valley during July you know what I mean.

■Midnight Lightning V8

Midnight Lightning V8 from Eddie the Eagle on Vimeo.

One of the most famous boulder problems in the World. The renowned problem is located on the massive Columbia Boulder at Camp 4, Yosemite.

Located on the northeast face, the boulder problem was believed unclimbable until Ron Kauk claimed the first ascent in 1978. "When Midnight Lightning was established, it was the hardest problem on the planet". Kauk wasn't the first one to find the line and brush out the holds, but he did make the first send.

Lynn Hill was the first woman to climb it in 1998.

■Midnight Lightning V8

Midnight Lightning V8 from Hayden Miller on Vimeo.

I spent 2 weeks in the valley this summer climbing around. No one, that i saw, even came close to sending midnight lightning. Hayden drove in from Seattle arriving early one morning, all blurry eyed and tired, and sent the problem on his fourth try. Pretty bad ass.

-Ted Hesser

■Midnight Lightning

Midnight Lightning from Michal Kubicki on Vimeo.

Me climbing Midnight Lightning in Camp 4, Yosemite. Nick Vetter spotting (thanks!). Video by Courtney Miyamoto (sanks!).

■Midnight Lightning V8

Said is an internationally known climber who came back to Yosemite ten years later to climb on an old friend. This is the most famous boulder problem in the world situated in one of the most classic granite areas in the world. A true rite of passage for any climber! Great send Said!
■Lynn Hill
Lyn Hill climbs Midnight Lightning

Lyn Hill climbs Midnight Lightning, Camp 4, Yosemite, 5/98. She was the 1st women to do this.

This is the high rez version
■Midnight Lightning - yosemite

Midnight Lightning - yosemite from MABOO FILMS on Vimeo.

I can't express this by words.

Anyway, I feel so happy that I was able to got the certain problem.

■Midnight Lightning, 7B+ bloc, Camp 4 (Yosemite)

Midnight Lightning, 7B+ bloc, Camp 4 (Yosemite) from EscaladeAlsace on Vimeo.

Thomas Leleu en flagrant délit de "bouldering" au camp 4.

Merci à Thomas Bayer pour les images.

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