This is the Life

This is the Life from Shawn Seifert on Vimeo.

Traveling without family is like climbing without the topout. Join Shawn and Bill Seifert as they boulder Virgin Gorda with family and friends.

Featuring classic boulders on the beaches of Spring Bay, Devil's Bay and the Guavaberry Resort, This is the Life shows what a week in paradise looks like.

Problems include Water Dyno, Devil's Bay Arête, Ugg Arête, Seaside, Sunshine, Right Jaw, Patio Problem, Babar, Grill Problem, Jag High, Vertigo, Giovanna and more!

Best viewed in 1080p HD with the volume up!

Running time 18 minutes.

Climb Through It from Shawn Seifert on Vimeo.

Climbing with injuries is a harsh reality of every boulderer's life. When a crew of East coast climbers visits Hueco Tanks, its send time. Injured or not.

Starring Shawn Seifert, John Carriere, Robert Slingsby, Justin Smith, Gus Laffey, Eric Cox and Mary and Rocco Bocchicchio.

Shot in Hueco, problems include: Rhymes with Rich, Mexican Chicken, Stegasaur, Babyface, El Burro, Left Donkey Show, Bush League, New Religion, Bad Religion, Left Moonshine, Starpower, Locals Only, Animal Acts, Clawfoot, Melon Patch and more!

Running time 24 minutes. Best watched in 1080P HD with the sound up!

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